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By stop hair loss grow hair fast
Spearheaded by myths, the misconception that alopecia, hair loss and baldness is a problem only associated with men has conquered the minds of many .On the contrary, this disaster has also tortured billions of females across the globe.
By Headstrong NY
Men with thinning hair can rejoice over a new and innovative solution to baldness. HeadStrong NY, a small New York company, is recreating the illusion of hair by replicating tiny hair follicles using a needle and pigment.
By Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics
Revolutionary new laser procedure restores hair growth, by leveraging a landmark new device which eradicates agonizing distress associated with hair thinning and baldness.
By Provillus
The majority of hair loss prevention products on the market do very little to regrow hair. At best, they slow down the process of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), and in many cases they don't even do that.
By Hair Loss 101
Typical Causes of Excessive Hair Loss Losing 50 to 100 strands of hair daily is mundane but when it exceeds this limit, this may perhaps be a denotement that there is a quandary.
Rush to market of herbal remedies prompted by research claiming baldness caused by alcohol consumption.
Hair loss does not always mean normal as it can signal a medical condition wherein symptoms other than hair loss can take place. In this case, one should consult a licensed physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.
By Marco
Female Balding - Female Pattern Baldness - Balding in Women - Treatments, Solutions, Options, NY, NJ, Manhattan, Long Island, NYC, New York, Philadelphia. Best Options for Balding Women, Females, offering multiple options.
By True You Hair Gallery
Specialist male and female hair replacement and hair loss treatment from True You Hair Systems. Offering advice, treatments and support to men and women of all ages.
By Tracey Bell Clinics
Toss out those toupees, remove those baseball caps and avoid that comb over with DHI Implantation at Tracey Bell Clinics. The results and uptake of this revolutionary treatment has been phenomenal in the last 4 months.
By Manchester Laboratories LLC
Surprisingly today we can prevent further hair loss and start regrowing your hair with a special topical formula that has FDA approval for the growing portion of a unique method. Learn more about using this method by going to
By Tracey Bell Clinics
This weekend Wayne Rooney went public and confirmed that he had visited a London clinic for hair transplantation treatment. On Twitter he was said to be joking about needing a recommendation of a good hair gel to tame his new hair.
By Richard Farrell
Los Angeles, CA - Male pattern baldness, also called MPB for short, is very commonplace in the US and affects over 40 million men. This type of baldness has little to do with external factors and is basically caused by the baldness gene.
By Mylash
Recent studies have shown that bimatoprost, a treatment used by Mylash for eyelash growth, may be an effective treatment for baldness
By Tseghe Foote
This new product is taking the guess work out of how to make your hair grow faster . With it's all natural ingredients and the ability for it to re grow hair faster than any product on the market it truly is a must see product.
By David Lewis, Levinson Communications Intl.
Groundbreaking new technology is now available for the transplantation of human hair for both men and women. This new procedure provides natural looking results with no surgery, no scarring and minimal recovery time.
By Leon Maliniak
Stop Hair Loss & regrow hair fast with a NEW theory. Exciting New Theory is logical : The GALEA, a lower scalp layer, tightens and blocks blood flow to the hair. DHT gets trapped, follicles go dormant, and you lose your hair . NO drugs or surgery.
By Lexington International LLC
The HairMax LaserComb® Forum web site, which contains general discussions on hair loss and provides a Forum for the sharing of experiences on the use of the HairMax now has over 30,000 members and is increasing at a rapid pace.
By Lexington International, LLC
Lexington International, LLC announces approval by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority for the HairMax LaserComb® as a home-use laser phototherapy device to promote hair growth and treat hair loss.
By TK TrichoKare
Leading Australian Trichologist, Mr David Salinger, was here at TK TrichoKare as our special consultant and to share his experience on hair issues such as modern and urban hair threats on the weekend.
By Donald Ferguson
Eucapil, a relatively new treatment for male pattern baldness is now available in the UK and the rest of Europe. The product has been clinically proven to help treat hair loss, in a 12 month double blind, placebo controlled University study.
By Darling Buds HTC
Dr Bhatti's 5 steps to a head full of hair. Easy steps to make a more rational and affordable choice.
By dianapus
At first we may not realize that experienced hair loss, can be started from a few strands of hair left in the comb or the bathroom floor, resulting in hair thinning that ultimately lead to baldness, scalp which can be seen clearly.
By Advanced Image Clinic
If you're stressed about hair loss and live in Bellevue, Seattle, or surrounding areas - Advanced Image Clinic hair restoration services can bring your confidence back with affordable hair loss solutions.
By HairArt Salons
In a new TV series called Hair Loss Confidential, Owners Jackie and Doris Yu, recently helped a local man restore more than his hair after his battle with cancer. It helped him restore his confidence and self-esteem.
By Ayurvedaforall
Dhathri herbal hair oil promises a comprehensive solution for all kinds of hair problems.With a purchase of a 100 ml. bottle at $30 from, you get the second one absolutely free.
By Michael Garcia is an online community for those seeking guidance and advice on solving hair loss or those simply wanting to become a part of a supportive community of individuals sharing the commonality of hair loss.
By VanessaShowSmith
Hair loss solutions that works by Rodolfo Valentin, creator of the one and only hair replacement as non surgical hair addition for hair loss sufferers.
By Toplace
Toplace, world leader in hair replacement, makes hair systems affordable to everyone.
By Life style Aesthetics
A powerful anti-hairloss shampoo and serum, healthier hair is boosted through the delivery of a combination of growth peptides and a unique encapsulated nano system, infusing the scalp and hair follicles with active ingredients
By J. Oberst
Why pay $2,000 to $4,000 for a custom wigs from Hair Club, Joseph Paris or Richard Farrell when Toplace can do it better for less than $1,000?
By John Ober
Toplace, world leader in hair replacement for men and women, has launched a site exclusively for women dealing with hair loss. The women's hair loss forum provides support to women worldwide.
RH-Remedy is fast moving research base homeopathic pharmaceutical pvt. Ltd. In this pharmaceutical group there are many senior homeopathic researchers and doctors so the medicines get successful result
By HairLoss.Com
Hair Loss website dedicated to hair loss solutions launches charitable program that provides free hair restoration services to children suffering from hair loss conditions like Alopecia while raising awareness about children's hair loss issues.
By HairLoss.Com
Hair loss social network website dedicated to hair loss solutions issues call out to filmmakers to help raise awareness about hair loss issues.
By HairLoss.Com, an online community for those seeking guidance and advice on solving hair loss or those simply wanting to become a part of a supportive community of individuals sharing the commonality of hair loss, is launched.
By GR Hair and Skin
The Grand Rapids Hair and Skin Center is your trusted source for the best non-surgical and surgical hair restoration and replacement services available for men and women in West Michigan.
By balayam
“Balayam”, is a very simple yoga exercise, free of cost and sure cure for baldness and hairloss.
By Cosmetic Medical Group
Until recently, most patients requiring treatment had to undergo invasive strip surgery (removing part of the scalp during an operation). Fortunately, newer methods of treatment such as 'single follicular transplant' have become available.
By KD Cosmetic Surgery
Hair Transplant: Now say good bye to baldness. Hair transplant is the permanent solution to baldness. person's own hair( from the back of the scalp) are relocated to the bald areas, thus giving a natural and younger look.
By The Hair Transplant Network
Recommended surgeon Dr. Robert Bernstein will be hosting an informational webinar on the latest advancements in non-surgical and surgical hair restoration on February 10th, 2009 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST.
By Alopecia World
"The MySpace for baldies," Alopecia World, is changing the lives of founder and other hair loss sufferers.
By The Hair Transplant Network
The Hair Transplant Network and Hair Loss Learning Center is now helping balding men and women through MySpace social networking. If you'd like to support our continuing efforts to help balding men and women worldwide, be sure to add us as friends.
By The Hair Transplant Network
Thanks to Hair Translant Network Coalition members Dr. Rassman and Dr. Bernstein, hair loss and hair transplant surgery has been made easier to understand with latest addition to the series, “Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies“.
By Gigi's Hair Vision
Gigi Gullihur is launching a new organic line of hair products to complement "Capillary," her well-known hair growth lotion, at the Long Beach International Salon and Spa Expo on January 31, 2009.
By Steff Spencer
Still want to get a hair transplant amidst the economy meltdown? Call your travel agent.
By Steff Spencer
The pros and cons of shaving for hair transplant - and how you can have both, if you insist.
One woman's struggle with hair loss reflects the growing trend in hair loss remedy.
How hair formulations can decrease hair transplant downtime and enhance your hair transplant success.
All you need to know about telogen effluvium


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