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By Revolver PR
The Vitalise Women of the Year Luncheon and Awards will be held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole on Friday, October 14
By Strategic Book Group
From Korea with Love: The True Story of Ro Kong Kyun
In Negotiating The Sppedbumps, author Holly L Springer shares her life and experiences of living with Traumatic Brain Injury and how she overcame the odds.
By Tamara Elizabeth
Vancouver, BC Radio host and author Tamara Elizabeth is going to describe her journey in discovering courage and defining it in her own personal concept Sunday May 22nd, 2011, live on her Moxie Radio Show.
By Strategic Book Group
A highly entertaining and unique book, Keep Me follows a young woman’s journey that leaves her, and the reader, forever changed.
By Strategic Book Group
With so many changes and new horizons ahead, Emily discovers more than ever her need for God’s help. As a result of trusting God, she receives the blessings of sharing the Gospel in a new land with her missionary husband.
By Strategic Book Group
Patriotism Takes Flight in New Children’s Book
By Strategic Book Group
In this wonderful children’s book with a strong message, it takes a little kitten with a lot of courage to stand up to the bullies in the farmyard.
By Strategic Book Group
The first book in this fascinating new young people’s series by A.J. Dormaar takes readers to the land of Aridayn, a world controlled by magic as old as time.
By Strategic Book Group
The powerful new novel It Is Written takes its substance from history, as well as from the lifeblood of those who were unjustly murdered in the Klan’s name.
By Strategic Book Group
Americans held in Philippines’ World War II POW Camps: A True Story of Family Heroism
By Eileen Duhne Public Relations
The Courage Companion celebrates both the heroism of rescuers who risk their lives to save others, and the resilience of ordinary people who, like the Chilean miners–have to tap into their inner strength in order to face the unknown.
By Liberty University Press
Untie the Fear Knots of Your Heart by Dr. Ken Nichols teaches you how to overcome fear through personal courage, spiritual faith and practical strategies.
By Eloquent Books
The meaning of war is brought home in this compelling Vietnam War novel. After a fiery explosion, Marine Corporal James Morrison wonders why he’s lying on his back and it’s raining on a sunny day.
By Strategic Book Group
Eight leading characters in eight short stories demonstrate courage, cunning, and action as they teach our teenagers to become resilient, confident, and brave.
By Terry Corbell
Here are the top 10 characteristics of successful CEOs from the series of Op Ed leadership columns published at The Biz Coach, a business-coaching Web site.
By Jeane' Elliott Bennett
Are negative thoughts about failure and rejection lurking in your mind and destroying your chances for success... without you even knowing it? The answer, if you're like most people, is... probably!
By innerself control
Secret Social Weapons Breakthrough Techniques Secret Social Weapons.. a new era in technolgy that will help you to destroy negative thought patterns.This new mind technology wil help you start living life the way you want to.
By Charles S. Weinblatt and Mazo Publishers
Jacob’s Courage chronicles the dazzling beauty of passionate coming-of-age love and enduring bravery in a lurid world where the innocent are brutally murdered.
By Eloquent Books
An ordinary 17-year-old discovers he has some extraordinary abilities in Henry, Black Lightning and the Rubber Band.
By Eloquent Books
This is a story of courage. A normal, quiet, studious boy is threatened by a band of thugs. Through time travel, an officer in God’s army teaches him about valor and commitment.
By Strategic Book Publishing
True laughter produces genuine tears. For entertainer Sal Richards, each tear is a lesson learned about facing life’s adversity with grace and courage.
By Eloquent Books
After a heartbreaking loss, Jonas Orenthall Bridges learns that it is more healing to live life with faith than it is to exist without it.
By Roy Eakes
At Life Lessons Blog you will discover inspiring and informational posts that will help you live a happier and more successful life.
By Eloquent Books
This self-help book asks the question: Are you a parrot repeating what you’ve always been taught or do you have the courage to be a soaring eagle?
By Eloquent Books
Courage and wits are put to the test as three ordinary boys deal with extraordinary circumstances in Adventure to Raconia.
By Eloquent Books
On the surface, Kelly Rosa seems like a typical teenage girl: upbeat and popular, she is the envy of everyone at her school. But Kelly has a dark secret, and she will stop at nothing to escape it.
By Eloquent Books
Justice delayed is still justice. And when it comes to the victims of street violence, it is always fresh, sweet, and dear.
By Eloquent Books
The Story of Jesus introduces a fictional guardian angel named Tobin into the birth, life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
By Eloquent Books
In this day and age, it takes resiliency, courage and creativity to work through the many changes that are coming our way. Find out how one Volkswagen beetle faces his many challenges on the way to the store.
By Soul Salon International
Listen in with Rena Reese to hear why Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield says, "To Read Sandra Ford Walston is to celebrate the brilliance of contemporary women whose lives were transformed by embracing the virtue of courage."
By Soulore
Colleen Russell becomes a Bestselling Author with Overcomers, Inc: True Stories Of Hope, Courage And Inspiration, Compiled By Lynne Klippel
By Monaco Communications
Drops 33 Stories and New Christmas Album with Concert For Courage and Daring 357-foot Wheelchair Rappel for Kids Included Together
The Interpretation of Holy Book Hanuman chalisa for this modern world. A self help book for everyone...Religion is no bar.
By Eloquent Books
When her former lover, now a reputable man of letters, publishes his memoirs, Frances Winterton looks vainly for some reference to the time they spent together. Finding none and stung by his ingratitude, she sets out to reclaim the missing years.
By Eloquent Books
Writer and illustrator, Gina C. Browning, says some of the verses in her poetry book first came to her in her dreams as she was recovering from surgery years ago.
By Kathleen Gage
The Overcomers, Inc., blog will be filled with insights, tips and stories of hope for anyone seeking an oasis of hope during times filled with fear, challenges, obstacles and uncertainty. The blog is owned and operated by Love Your Life Publishing.
By Strategic Book Publishing
Author Leanne Burke shares an inspiring story that offers a compassionate hand to abused women everywhere.
By Strategic Book Publishing
A truly exceptional read that demonstrates bravado, smarts and courage as the hunger for revenge pushes four “nerds” to plot against a despicable gang of bullies that tormented them since first grade in The Recorder, by Coco.
By Charles S. Weinblatt
Jacob's Courage is a tender coming of age love story of two young adults during the Holocaust. It explores the dazzling beauty of passionate love and enduring bravery in a lurid world where the innocent are brutally murdered.
By Strategic Book Publishing
Taken from her home in England to Australia at an early age, Sarah soon discovered the cruelty of the world.
By Eloquent Books
A Stunning and Moving Tribute to the Veterans of the Korean War
By Sr Pauline Quinn op ~ Pathways To Hope
Abused, battered, traumatized, depersonalized, treated with indifference, shunned and rejected are all deeply painful experiences but they can also become avenues of hope and courage. I am looking for someone to help me write a compelling story.
By Eloquent Books
“The Lord won’t give me more than I could handle” says single mom and author, Catherine Green in, Survival of a Single Mom.
By StrategyDriven
Tune as Nathan Ives delves deep into the expertise of Gregory Berns, author of ICONOCLAST: A NEUROSCIENTIST REVEALS HOW TO THINK DIFFERENTLY, to explore how these game-changers literally “see” the world differently—and how you can too!
By lynthomas
When a five year old boy was abandoned by a school bus driver, he showed more courage than most adults give children credit for.
By Linked Assets, Inc.
On Our Way to the White House entrepreneur shares how her company came to be during an interview with Cheri Lutton on her podcast, Mirrors of Love, found on The second podcast of August highlights courage in society.
By james de havilland
James De Havilland and Bethany Kervern team up and present two highly recommended must read exciting romantic adventures for children of all ages. The books Children deserve!
By Reader Views
As a girl, she was not allowed to play with friends. Her mother tried to control her constantly, from fear something would happen to her as had happened to her brother. But when Irene grew up, she would learn she could become the woman of her choice.
By Peggy Lewellen
Cheri Lutton, host of Mirrors of love podcast, reveals cues for courageous leadership in work and interviews promotions expert Linda Schafer on balancing family with home business

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