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By Rothman Securities Inc.
Markets ramp up as key economic data from China and the US reaffirm positive outlook of global economy. Interest rates are anticipated to remain unchanged by the Federal Reserve.
By Access Media Management
Wall Street exhibits signs of a long-term Bear Market trend. Multiple Hindenburg Omen appearances, the focus on Fed. policy, and fiscal stress concerns highlight this great debate.
By Bloch Executive Education Center
The Bloch Executive Education Center is proud to present the Business Impact Series event on Implications of the Financial Reform, brought to you in partnership with KPMG
By Tom Venditelli, candidate for Congress in NY
Though Americans are against bailouts, and have been promised reform that will end the practice, this bill will do the opposite. Like it or not, the Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States, and the “lender of last resort.”
By Tom Venditelli
The week of July 4th,the U.S. House of Representatives passed a financial “reform” bill. Unfortunately, the bill will do nothing to avoid a future financial collapse, because it does not address the core problems of our economic system.
The Federal Reserve refuses to raise the credit rate for three banks.
By Keren Or Shalom
This is an experimental game to check John Maynard Keynes assertion who said that professional investment may be likened to those newspaper competitions in which the competitors have to pick out the six prettiest faces from a hundred photographs.
By Jeffrey Taylor
In the latest news, it was mentioned that Federal Reserve has decided to keep the interest rates for home and auto loans at a low point. Even though the economy is improving they say that they will the interest rates low for some more time.
Joe Moshe, Broker/Owner, Charles Rutenberg Realty, said pending home sales in February exceeded expectations as a result of homebuyers rushing to take advantage of the homebuyers’ tax credit, which expires at the end of the month.
Greenspan claims no one saw the crash coming - but that is simply not true. Fund Manager who saw it and protected his clients asks why.
By Keith Springer
SACRAMENTO, Calif. Feb. 19, 2010 – The Federal Reserve increased the discount rate by 25 basis points to 0.75%. Even though this was expected, the question remains: are they just easing off the gas or are they stepping on the breaks?
By Swarm USA
Beginning Saturday, March 6th, will commence Swarms in support of Freedom’s Vision. Freedom’s Vision is a non-partisan plan that fixes the economy at the root of the problem. Freedom’s Vision will repeal the Federal Reserve Act
By Tea Party Patriots
Based on numerous legal precedents and the inability of the IRS to cite a single law that entitles them to collect income tax, the Tea Party is mounting a court challenge that would prevent the IRS from collecting income tax from American citizens.
By NSHMBA Atlanta
The NSHMBA and ALPFA Atlanta chapters have partnered to sponsor a keynote address on the state of the economy for 2010 given on Wednesday, January 13th at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. RSVP is required at
By Susan Jeanne Mertz, IMPACT! Inc.
Wilbur E. Johnson managing partner of Young Clement Rivers, headquartered in Charleston, SC, was appointed by the Fifth District banks to serve on the Board of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
By Strategic Asset Alliance
Congress should focus on the independence of the Fed and its monetary decision making process, not simply blame Bernanke, according to Alton Cogert, author, Uncertain Times: A Chief Investment Officer's Journey (
By Michael J Brazier
Recession to Depression as Credit Debt & Foreclosures Continue to Climb. History repeats itself and this is one of the most important reasons we should all know and understand our history
The boom and bust cylce is a financiers best friend. During the good times, there are plenty of loans to make with great rates of interest. And in the bust years, bankers can gain assets when debtors default on interest payments.
The Federal Reserve is a private bank. While this is not new - it has been this way since 1913 - it is certainly news to most people. The Fed is owned 100% by shareholders, who are all private banks.
By Financial Soultions
The Federal Reserve chief’s recent comments on economic policy gave the Dollar some strength.
By George Hunt
The big bad Bank documentary host George Washington Hunt will be premiering a series of live TV shows starting October 12th at 7pm
By Financial Soultions
The U.S. GDP is looking healthier, but IMF does caution on debt.
By Financial Soultions
Federal Reserve should not be alone in monitoring systemic risk to the economy.
By George Hunt
The big bad Bank documentary series is providing all of its content through an online store in an attempt to spread the message of an elitist conspiracy
By Financial Soultions
One of the top 3 U.S. automakers seems ready to make a comeback.
By George Hunt
The big bad Bank documentary series announced the release of The Big Bad Bank, the book, in manual form to a worldwide audience
0 to 0.25 seems to be the figure the Federal Open Market Committee looks set on holding to till 2010,
Barclays Capital analyst explains why Treasuries lack the appeal of stocks.
By Terry Corbell
Biz Coach Terry Corbell – a longtime free-market advocate – takes a surprising stance on a proposal by the Federal Reserve and he adds two caveats.
With the Fed and Wall Street claiming victory over the recession, is the stability real?
By George Hunt
The big bad Bank documentary series announced today that they have been receiving unprecedented support by members of the online community
By Financial Soultions
Recently reappointed Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke seems optimistic that the worst is over.
Barak Obama has signed in the Fed Reserve Chief in for a 2nd term.
By George Hunt
Colorado businessman and founder of The Big Bad Bank documentaries is currently filming for truTV in Hollywood California.
6 out of the 12 Federal Reserve’s districts showing signs of improving US economy.
By George Hunt
The creators of The Big Bad Bank documentaries recently launched a social media campaign to not only spread the message of the documentaries, but to establish a presence in like-minded communities
By Gabe Lee
The Big Bad Bank recently re-released the 1988 documentary about the World Conservation Bank, called The New World Bank Religion and Rulers.
By Angela Keaton
Robert Murphy and Gareth Porter will be the featured guests on the Scott Horton Show at Antiwar Radio, Wednesday 2pm Eastern
By Gabe Lee
Boulder based businessman launches documentary concerning the World Conservation Bank
By SmallCapVoice
Stocks extended gains on Monday after a report showed a gauge of U.S. economic prospects increased for a third straight month in June, suggesting the recession was drawing to a close.
By Cascade Software Corporation
The iPhone Economy app was released recently and this app provides a snapshot of the US economy by giving users the latest values of key economic indicators (relating to housing, employment, inflation etc.) published by the Federal Reserve
By Center for Libertarian Press Information
Fed chair Ben Bernanke says bank "stress test" information "should provide considerable comfort to investors." If that's the case, ask Libertarians, why not subject Bernanke's own institution to an outside audit of "stress test" proportions?
By Rudy-T Enterprize
4Laso4 John S. White of Never The Money will be demonstrating the power of digital commerce by producing dollars digitally with a computer and internet access.
By Never The Money
Susan asked “What should people do now”? Being a business credit expert, Susan knows that power comes with knowledge and peace of mind. John explained that you can find out how to buy silver and gold coins to protect your future.
By John A. Taxiarchos
It appears that the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen are continuing their gains today. The Euro’s gains for the week have been depleted against the US Dollar. The Pound Sterling is standing firm against the Dollar, but more so against the Euro.
By Mark Hill, Executive Officer
Frozen credit and the inability of homebuyers to qualify for mortgage loans or refinance at cheaper rates has been at the heart of the U.S. housing crisis, leaving a glut of foreclosed and unsold homes and pushing home prices ever lower.
By By Jane Hodges MSNBC
For the first time in nearly eight months, mortgage brokers and lenders have good news for their clients. That’s because the federal bailout of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has resulted in a sharp and sudden drop in mortgage rates.
By Jesse Torres' Fed School
Jesse Torres’ Fed School ( today announced the release of this week’s Fed School tutorial: Federal Funds Rate Target Changes and the Financial Markets.
By Richard Drake
Cornerstone Worldwide reportedly quietly confident of more upside to gold
By Richard Drake
Cornerstone Worldwide predicts that Federal Reserve will hold rates steady

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