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By Tony Trupiano
(OPEC which is responsible for about 40% of all global oil production has no plans in 2011 to increase production and as the demand for oil continues to rise globally the price of gasoline will continue to rise even higher.
By Stephan Tavernini
Preferred Financial Services reviews the latest reports detailing the unemployment market, gas prices, and factory orders.
By Justin Handy
MASP.OB SEEKS NEW "BLACK" GOLD OPPORTUNITIES seeking to revitalize old oil wells with new technology. Some older wells were abandoned when oil prices fell and others need to be cleaned out to increase the oil produced from them.
By LandColt Trading, LLC
Nominal Increase for Trading Signals is due to Increase in Workforce and Success of Oil & Gas Model
By Michael Petra
If your tired of high gas prices then learn how to get all your gas and diesel for Half Price! We are the Sams Club of the gasoline market! You sign up, pay membership($10 month), and start saving! It that easy, so what are you waiting for?
By Forrest Ward
Carpool Network USA, LLC announces the launch of it's membership website offering a fully automated approach to carpooling, taking the hassles and footwork usually found in trying to set up and maintain a carpool completely out of the picture!
By Quick Draw Media
Especially during holiday travel, Conyers Nissan suggests five ways the are sure to make your car more fuel effecient and save you as much money as possible.
By Brickell Honda
Carmakers, such as Ford, Honda, and Nissan, are coming up with new model lineups for the coming year that are small in size.
By HHO Tek
We spend some time with HHO Tek's Trevor Hunter and Don Conner discussing what is going on with this one time little company from NC that is now making such huge waves in the Green Industry
By Brickell HOnda
Its great that Brickell Honda in Miami is able to promote low price used cars in Miami! Gas Prices and automobile sales in Miami
By Terry Corbell
With the price of fuel increasing in many regions of the country, Biz Coach Terry Corbell says it may be time to review your expenses. And he provides 15 gas-saving reminders.
By worldcarhyundainorth
Hyundai guarantees $1.49/gallon of gasoline for a year on select models
Retail gasoline prices rose ten cents per gallon in Chicago today, and other cities saw three to eight cent increases, just as said they would.
By Energy Advice Line
Customers find out too late when they receive a bill from the supplier and their costs have in a lot of cases doubled overnight. After speaking to them they are left bewildered by the response when they are told they should have read the small print
Double-digit price increases likely this week from New England to Minnesota, according to
By is making many changes to the price and publication schedule of their Gas Predictor Newsletter as a result of analysis of their first 100 predictions.
Retail gasoline prices rose thirteen cents per gallon in Chicago today, just as said they would. Similar jumps are coming to other cities this week.
Forecasts of retail gasoline prices for the United States will be available on the Web seven hours in advance, instead of the previous schedule of 19 hours in advance, enhancing the value of advance information provided to subscribers via e-mail.
Forecasts of the next day's gas prices in Chicago and Houston, Texas, will be available via e-mail commencing Monday, March 9, in addition to the Gas Predictor newsletters already being published every day, a national and four other local editions.
By Lucas Masters
New engine-derived technology saves 50% on fuel costs. The water-induced fuel system additive transforms any vehicle to a hybrid. The environmentally safe technology can be installed to or uninstalled from any vehicle’s engine.
Forecasts of the next day's gas prices in Atlanta, Georgia, will be available via e-mail commencing Tuesday, February 17, in addition to the Gas Predictor newsletters already being published every day, a national and two other local editions.
By Richard Dinkela II
Asphalt prices got you down? During the middle of the 2008 season, asphalt prices jumped to unexpected levels. Why is this happening? Well it's directly tied to crude oil. You may think that since fuel prices are lower now than they were in 2007 that
Forecasts of the next day's gas prices in Nashua, New Hampshire, will be available via e-mail commencing Monday, January 12, in addition to the National Gas Predictor newsletter already being published every day.
Every daily prediction of gasoline prices by in 2008 has been correct.
All annual subscription prices reduced by 50% effective 1/1/2009. Quarterly rates unchanged from previously announced discount rates.
Downward pressures on U.S. retail gasoline prices are the strongest they have been all year, and prices will plummet between Christmas and New Years, but probably not beyond, according to
13-Week Subscriptions to the Gas Forecast Newsletter available for as little as $1.39.
By forecasts that gas prices will stop declining just before Thanksgiving.
By, a Web service that forecasts changes in retail gasoline prices, announces that its forecasts by e-mail will go to a strictly limited number of subscribers.
By The Democratic Republican National Headquarters
The Democrats have claimed to replace our party while they do not hold to the ideals or dreams of the original founders and party members of the original Democratic Republicans.
By Trip Cost
Users of TripCost will find this application to be a truly useful tool for estimating gas costs whether planning a month long road trip, or a quick drive to another city.
By Equity International
An unparalleled list of global leaders will join at the Times Center in New York City, January 5, 2009 to solve our world’s toughest challenges.
By Olympic Advantage
Donald Guhy, the talented singer/songwriter from Arlington, Kentucky, has just released two videos from songs off of the CD, “Country Ham”. Fun and entertaining, they are songs that everyone can relate to today
By Low Cost Solution LLC
Save Fuel and Environment by Converting your vehicle into a Hybrid. Highest Efficiency and Quality Manufactured Hydrogen on Demand Systems. Designed and built by Professional Engineers and Manufactures with a grass root affordability.
By Cabins Plus More
North Georgia Mountains offers Visitors an Ideal Vacation Destination
By The Orphan Foundation
The Orphan Foundation announces a $10 a ticket raffle for free gas for the next 10 years. The prize is worth $53,125 and will support adoption grants for 51 children from all over the world.
By Shawn Milano
If you're trying to budget and find away around all the high prices, it's times to consider a new approach. You can start by readying 'Alternative Fuel: Save the Environment and Your Checkbook'.
By The Renewable Energy Centre
In a statement released by The Renewable Energy Centre it was clear that the looming crisis of fuel poverty for many people in Britain could be avoided in time for winter.
By Limelight Systems LLC
Independent manufacturer of supplemental hydrogen on demand systems launches new website with secure shopping and community based online support system.
By Limelight Systems
Independent manufacturer, Limelight Systems, offers consumers supplemental hydrogen on demand systems that promise increase in vehicle MPG and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
By Rena Silverman
Senator Hillary Clinton spoke today on the floor of the U.S. Senate in support of legislation to crack down on speculators who are contributing to the dramatic increases in energy prices.
By John Gormann
Is the nation's economic stimulus package working? It's hard to tell. The idea of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 passed by Congress is to help the economy get back on track. So how much do you get?
By PWG Media
Parents can save as much as $180 by sending teenagers on an instructional drive on REAL ROADS, On-Line, without the high cost of gas, stress.
By Sensors Quality Management Inc.
Canadians are indecisive about who is to blame for the increasing gas prices.
By Low Cost Solution LLC
Better MPG, Save on Gas & Clean Up Environment utilizing proven Water Hybrid Technology. Easy step by step illustrated instructions manual helps you build your own Water hybrid with off the shelf material and Increase MPG 20% - 105%. - $250 Gas Card
By Cumberland University
Beginning with the fall 2008 semester, in an effort to help students grapple with rising fuel costs, Cumberland University will begin holding courses on-campus four days per week rather than the traditional five, University officials announced today.
By ShindigZ
Party Supply Company announces a four day work week to help employees with the rising cost of gas.
By Recipe4Living
Respondents to a recent Recipe4Living survey share how rising food costs and gas prices will affect their summer eating habits. Home cooks plan to stay home for meals this summer and eat with immediate family, rather than going out.
By Hanks Clothing
Rising gas prices are not only impacting soft goods prices at retail but also prices of everyday store supplies such as bags and packaging, which in turn impact the retail price of soft goods.
By Optibike
As gas prices rise, so does the need around the world for a high performance electric bike

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