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By A.V. Harrison Publishing
Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood has a rich and haunting history. Author Emily Hill reports on a horrific tale of a Greenwood fire that 'engulfed the area' in 1905 but still leaves some homeowners unsettled. Seattle historians take note.
Books To Go Now is proud to announce that author Lorrie Unites-Struiff newest (hilarious) short story, Going to a Double Header (Call on the Dead Club), has been released! If you want a book that will make you laugh look no further!
By A.V. Harrison Publishing
A Seattle author, whose avocation is locating haunted locations in the Greenwood neighborhood, has been contacted by the owner of “Haunted House No. 8”. Here is the account of the most recent hauntings to catch the attention of Emily Hill:
By Haunt Jaunts
Haunt Jaunts, a travel site for restless spirits, kicked off the New Year by adding a forum and changing their tagline.
The sweet, tortured spirit of Oscar-nominated actress, Natalie Wood, is still at “unrest,” according to famed tv psychic, Carla Baron. Last week, a new review into Wood’s death by the L.A. Coroner raised red flags on the original report.
Angels Lighthouse Radio show on the LNM Blogtalk Radio Network is interviewing the author of The Gaia Matrix, Peter Champoux on Thursday, November 8, 2012, 7:30 – 9:00 PM EST. Author/Researcher exposes the Grid Effect
By The Marin Group, INc.
"The R.I.P. Files," a different group of paranormal investigators based in Washington DC, is known for psychic abilities, solid science, and amazingly clear EVPs (spirit voices). The team explores some of the scariest places on the planet.
By The Marin Group, INc.
Attend the world premiere of "The R.I.P. Files: The Last Witch," filmed at Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach. The episode includes more than a dozen amazingly clear examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs), otherwise known as spirit voices.
By Publicity Mojo
"Haunted Mississippi Gulf Coast" book tells the ghostly tales and history of the gulf coastal region.
By Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia
“Ghost hunting has grown in the past two decades from a little-known hobby to a much more popular pursuit.” –SF Gate
By Simply Ghost Nights
Dare you enter the 'hearse room', where on previous occasions the paranormal activity as amazed everyone or find out what spirits still reside in and around this spooky grand building.
By Julie Dietzel-Glair
Ghost hunters have spent hours in cemeteries and abandoned buildings. There are better options for ghost dwellings, bed and breakfasts offer more luxury. The beds are comfortable, the surroundings beautiful, and new friends to be made.
By Pneuma Springs Publishing
The ghosts of The Assembly Room have been waiting for someone to unlock their horrifying secrets, and 14 year old Merryn Stearne has arrived. But why do the spirits from the past want to destroy an ordinary Suffolk family?
By Marin Group Productions LLC
“The R.I.P. Files,” featuring an unusual paranormal investigation team based in Washington DC, is now represented by New Dominion Pictures LLC for sale to television broadcasters around the globe. See the Sizzle Reel at MIPCOM and on YouTube.
By Simply Ghost Nights
Step back in time and take in the atmosphere of the doom and gloom the poor unfortunate residents of the workhouse would have felt from the moment they stepped through the door.
By A.V. Harrison Publishing
As Halloween approaches we caught up with Emily Hill, Seattle-area author and asked her about her latest book, a collection of ghost stories, ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ which is available at in both paperback and eBook format.
By Psi Source Media
Internationally acclaimed psychic, Jack Rourke, author of The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic's Guide to Extraordinary Perception, explains ghosts, devils, why some people are paranormally sensitive, and how psychic ability really works!
By Simply Ghost Nights
Sightings have been reported on all 4 floors of this building and with so much activity we could not resist this chance to investigate The Darwin house one more time.
By Hotel Galvez & Spa
The “haunted” Hotel Galvez & Spa will begin taking reservations for its annual October ghost tour and dinner on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Guests must contact the restaurant at (409) 765-7721 to make reservations.
By Strategic Book Group
Who or What Is Haunting the Scottish Moors? Short Story Reveals Ancient Magic to Inquisitive School Boys
By Featherwood Publishing
M.T.Graves' new novel, "Life Returned" has been well received with his fans. The second book in the "People In The Curtains" series, Graves has a knack for twisting tales into bazaar and captivating reads.
By Laura A. Ellison
West Michigan Author Laura A. Ellison Announces Arrival Of Her Independent Novel "Karma House" From Paperback To Ebook
By Bright Bird Press
Author Belinda Kroll brings quirky Victorian Romance to audio book lovers via Amazon's new independent audio book publishing service, which removes middle-man between voice over narrators and authors
By Biograph Company
The Ghost Girls from the new national TV Pilot GHOST GIRLS honored on Memorial Day at Pioneer Cemetery in Los Angeles
By Author, Melanie S. Pronia
Self published author, Melanie S. Pronia, is proud to announce the publication of her 3rd novel, Fi
By Featherwood Publishing
Author M.T.Graves has released his next book in the "People In The Curtains" series. The title... "Life Returned". It is available in e-book formatting for only $3.99. If you liked his first book, you'll love this one.
By A.V. Harrison Publishing
“I've now located six haunted houses in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood since publishing my Ghost Stories,” says Seattle-area author, Emily Hill, whose Kindle 'Top Ten' Mysticism eBooks delve into her experiences with the supernatural.
By The Marin Group, Inc.
Learn how to be a paranormal investigator and watch a special sneak preview of "The R.I.P. Files: Into the Light," filmed on location at the very haunted Weems-Botts Museum in Dumfries, VA. This event takes place April 14th.
By Ghost Hunt IR
Ghost Hunt IR offers affordable thermal imaging services and educational seminars to local paranormal groups and events.
By Carla Baron
Carla Baron, breakout star of "Haunting Evidence," is one of the industry’s most respected and sought-after international psychics/ mediums of our time – putting her on the radar for entertainment producers, tv networks and studio execs alike.
By Jolie du Pre (@Joliedupre)
Precious Monsters is devoted to all things monsters: Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, Zombies, Ghosts, Demons, Zxxtergins, and on and on.
By Simply Ghost Nights
With tales of witches' persecution, body snatching and local superstition. Edinburgh vaults has to be one of the most dark, evil, haunted locations we have ever visited. Come with us as we delve into the vaults underground.
By Simply Ghost Nights
The most commonly seen ghost of Alton Towers is that of a lady in a long black dress, who has been witnessed wandering the corridors on many an occasion. Her apparition is often accompanied by a strong aroma of perfume.
By Simply Ghost Nights
Legend has it that the two most famous sightings are two nuns who were hung, beheaded and then drawn and quatered here can be seen each year riding in a carriage up the hill to the house!
By Simply Ghost Nights
Join Simply Ghost Nights and Chris Conway for one of our favourite locations. This huge building was a memorable night on our last visit with almost every vigil having constant activity.
By Simply Ghost Nights
Many staircase's create a labrynth to investigate, with servants, quarters, a Victorian original school room, cellers and underground tunnels.
By Simply Ghost Nights
During the Civil wars of the mid 17th century the family were Royalist. Initially the house was held for the king by Colonel Sir Francis Fulford’s second son, Major Francis Fulford, but it was stormed by Parliamentarians in 1642
By Simply Ghost Nights
Come and Join Simply Ghost Nights in the most haunted of locations overlooking none other than Pendle Hill. Clitheroe Castle is a creepy place with many ghost sightings.
By Simply Ghost Nights
Do the spirits of the forgotten children still remain at the mill toiling away? Do the pitiful men and women who also worked those dangerous machines? What about the factory overseers, do they still administer their tough punishment to the workers.
By Simply Ghost Nights
Paranormal activity reported the solid manifestation of a pilot is said to amble around the Main Hangar, and as been glimpsed on numerous occasions
By Simply Ghost Nights
Dare you enter the 'hearse room', or find out what spirits reside in and around this spooky building.
By SimplyGhostNights
The Simply Ghost Nights team lead by Stuart & Rosey were so excited and privileged to have gained exclusivity and granted permission to on hold the first ever paranormal investigation at this beautiful location.
By Simply Ghost Nights
This was Chris Conway's first visit to this former police station situated in Gainsborough, on our previous events we had experienced some fantastic examples of spirit activity, and this begged the question would history repeat itself?
By Bardstown-Nelson County TCC
Colonial Days and Antique Show & Sale open lively spring calendar
By Ben Pugh
Valentine weekend events from the Falstaff Experience in the romantic town of Stratford upon Avon!
By Simply Ghost Nights
It was a cold October evening as the Simply Ghost Nights ventured into Lincoln Gaol for a night of paranormal investigating. What would the team encounter in the search for spirit activity on a ghost hunt at Lincoln Gaol?
By XFactor MultiMedia, LLC
The new GHOST SONAR © from XFactor Multimedia LLC puts advanced paranormal investigation capabilities in the palm of your hand. Check out your surroundings with this hot new app and you’ll find yourself asking, “are ghosts real?”
By Simply Ghost Nights
A full bodied apparition was seen walking at the bottom of the stairs, and when our ghost hunters went to investigate if it was a fellow ghost hunter, in the passing seconds when they arrived at the stairs there was no one in there whatsoever.
By Simply Ghost Nights
Staff tell us certain areas have a negative feel as though you dont want to be there, Who is the apparition of a man many people have seen in the Cells area, He dissapears as soon as he is seen.
By Simply Ghost Nights
Set in beautiful gardens in the centre of historic York stands the Merchant Adventurers' Hall. This grand building has been a meeting place some 650 years after construction began in 1357.

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