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By Dillawn & Clark Public Relations
‘Gift of Hearing’ Annual Holiday Giveaway by Estes Audiology Will Award 3 Sets of Hearing Aids to Deserving Individuals
By Dillawn & Clark Public Relations
As the Volume and Time Exposure to Loud Music Ramped Up During ACL, Some Festival Goers Protected their Hearing
By Estes Audiology Hearing Centers
Estes Audiology - the Sole Provider of Lyric2© in the Central Texas Area - Offers Second Generation Fittings Starting September 2012
By BeyondPR
A world-leading centre for research into hearing loss and tinnitus in Nottingham opens its doors on 12 September, to thank supporters like Deafness Research UK for their continued backing.
By Neurotone, Inc
Gerry Kearby, founder of Neurotone and Liquid Audio, dies in auto accident on Aug 6, 2012. Neurotone vows to continue his vision. Mr. Kearby was visionary pioneer of auditory rehabilitation and digital music distribution.
By Leslie Soiles, Au.D.
New England Hearing Instruments teams up with Oticon to present a one-day educational event for people to learn more about the advancements in performance and comfort with today's hearing aids.
By Michael Romanies
Headset Buddy Headset and Telephone Adapters Compatible with Assistive Listening Devices.
By New England Hearing Instruments
Leslie Soiles, Au.D., owner of New England Hearing Instruments, was recently honored with the President’s Award at the 17th Annual American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA) Convention in Orlando, FL.
By Wendy Cheng
New book published to encourage and inspire musicians with hearing loss, their audiologists and teachers.
By Hearing Loss Advice (Daren Bach)
If the problems of noise induced hearing loss are not traumatic enough for an ageing individual reaching or having just taken retirement, recent research has found that...
By Best Assisted Living Aids, LLC
A new enterprising business was created to provide high quality products at low prices to individuals needing hard of hearing items.
By Hearing Loss Advice (Daren Bach)
Previous studies of industrial deafness have found key gender differences, which can be a factor influencing susceptibility to hearing damage risk within a noisy workplace.
By Hearing Loss Advice (Daren Bach)
The issue of noise tolerance is known to be a key factor in failing to recognise the onset of noise induced hearing loss.
By Hearing Loss Advice (Daren Bach)
It has generally been found that it can take around ten years for some individuals to come to terms that they are suffering form a gradually deteriorating hearing loss.
By Hearing Loss Advice
The introduction of the updated Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2006, provides extended rules on protecting employees against noise induced hearing loss, extended to all types of workplaces...
By Ageless Media Network
Ageless Radio will feature a certified personal trainer on benefits of stretching, the CBS travel editor, an audiologist on risk of hearing loss and new assistive technologies, and TV personalities from WTOC11's Mid-Morning Live.
By Hearing Loss Advice (by Daren Bach)
Hearing loss is considered the planet’s most prevalent personal injury with an estimated 10 per cent, or almost 600 million people worldwide, possessing some form of hearing impairment.
By National Hearing Conservation Association
The National Hearing Conservation Association seeks nominations for its 2012 Media Award. Established in 1993, the award recognizes the efforts of writers & producers of news features that serve to heighten public awareness of the hazards of noise.
By Judie Rappaport
Author and Elderly Patient Advocate, Judie Rappaport, Shares Valuable Communication Tips
By Simon Baker
Richard Einhorn despaired of ever really enjoying a concert or musical again then he discovered a new type of hearing aid which removed all the clatter and background noise.
By Healthwise Exercise
Inventor of the motion picture camera, Thomas Edison paved the way for his nephew to pioneer captioned fitness videos for people with hearing loss utilizing the latest technology with Amazon video on demand.
By Hearing Loss Advice
Noise can be continually in the background in a number of occupations, and both men and women with some of form of hearing loss may not become aware of the condition until their hearing has significantly deteriorated to become a permanent handicap.
By Hearing Loss Advice
Tinnitus is recognised as a symptom of an underlying and deteriorating noise induced hearing loss with possible physical causes ranging from high blood pressure/cholesterol and diabetes to middle ear infections/blockages or inner ear tumours.
By Vada Dillawn
First Theatre in Central Texas to Adopt and Install New Induction Loop Technology for the Hearing Impaired
By Hearing Loss Advice
Permanent hearing loss can be caused by long, uninterrupted periods of constant exposure to excessive levels of noise.
By Hearing Loss Advice
Around 10 million people possess some form of hearing loss and over three quarters of a million suffer with severely impaired hearing.
By Mindy Valone
World-Class Rehabilitative Care Provider to Teach Tips for Better Communication
By Dr.Victor Marchione
Antioxidants could help prevent age-related hearing loss. Sources of antioxidants.
By Andrew Karvert offers you a wide selection of hearing aids that will fit the needs and requirements of any user. An individual who wants to enhance their ability to listen to a television, music, or telephone, will find that the hearing solutions.
By Hummingbird Media
Free Event Will Feature Paul Stanley of KISS, Florence Henderson and Hearing Experts Addressing Important Issue of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Among Teens
By Hummingbird Media
Teens Encouraged to Submit Videos Describing Importance of Healthy Hearing; Contest Prizes Include A Custom Electric Guitar Signed by Paul Stanley of KISS, other Items
By Nicole M. Benningfield
Hearing loss is more common with age, but people are unwittingly destroying their hearing prematurely by exposing themselves to loud music and sounds.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Mrs. Niva Arora had never heard such a sound. Sitting out on the back porch with her husband, Dev, she kept hearing the noise. She asked her husband about the noise, and he quickly solved the mystery.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Losing your hearing isn’t easy, but it can definitely be dealt with in most cases.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Phonak has long touted its Audeo hearing aids as having alluring designs for cool, young, and hip users. But the features it’s recently added go beyond style by delivering wireless connectivity that younger, plugged-in consumers demand.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Indian cricket fans’ instrument of choice, has already caused controversy ahead of the World Cup with authorities concerned that their excessive volume could prevent people from hearing announcements should a stadium need to be evacuated.
By Hummingbird Media
Free Event Will Feature Hearing Health Experts and Paul Stanley of KISS, While Addressing Important Issue of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Among Teens
By Lori Moshier, Novaetus,Inc.
HearUsa of East Lansing is offering a free seminar on Elder financial abuse. The seminar is open to the public, and will be held at their location on April 13th at 3:00pm.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Sudden Hearing Loss Sudden sensorineural hearing loss is defined by a sudden loss of hearing within a 72 hour period, resulting in greater than a 30 dB drop in hearing for at least three consecutive test frequencies.
By Center for Hearing Aids
A kind word, a confiding whisper, a mischievous giggle. Decibels of sound full of meaning and emotion. Decibels of sound you don’t have to miss. With its robust design, proven components and advanced features
By American Hearing Aid Associates
Hearing health website helps improve the quality of life for anyone affected by hearing problems.
By Center for Hearing Aids
One of the most beautiful reasons you would love to own a Siemens Motion is that whether you are in an afternoon with your dear friends or spending some quality time in the garden or maybe say spending.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Hearing loss has been linked to several conditions that appear as adults reach old age. Issues with impaired driving, dementia, and falls have all been associated with decreased hearing ability in older adults.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Oticon empowers users to enjoy the “essentials” of modern communication with Oticon Ino, a reliable, discreet hearing solution that delivers excellent value.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Hearing loss is about twice as common in adults with diabetes compared to those who do not have the disease, according to a. Yet hearing screenings typically are not part of the regular regimen of care that people with diabetes.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Growing numbers of people enjoy listening to music on portable music players or cell phones, and many tend to turn up the volume, especially in noisy surroundings.
By Center for Hearing Aids
After taking age, noise exposure, and other factors associated with hearing loss into account, the researchers said that the chance of having hearing loss is high now days.
By Center for Hearing Aids
Nearly two-thirds of people age 70 and older suffer from hearing loss that ranges from mild to severe, according to what may be the first study to gauge the prevalence of hearing impairment
By Center for Hearing Aids
As many as 70 crore people across the globe will be suffering from hearing impairment by 2015, primarily because of noise and sound pollution, according to a global study on the growth of hearing impaired people
By The CareGiver Partnership
Though hearing loss is common among older adults, it's possible to remain safely at home. Try the following ways to cope.

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