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By MalwareCentral.Com
New internet security website provides authoritative information on malware threats, computer performance tips and web security guides for PC & mobile users.
By SoftPressRelease
Spyrix announces a new version of its keylogger product - Spyrix Personal Monitor. The program invisibly sits in the background and tracks all user actions for ultimate control of what is happening on the computer.
By HeavenWard
The first public beta of eMonit, a versatile employee monitor for Windows, will soon be released by HeavenWard.
By Diana Kerekes VP of Public Relations
Encrypted Keystroke, Anti-Key-logger Online Financial & Identity Theft Defense Software INNOVATIVE Patent Pending Keystroke Encryption Technology DEFEATS Key-Logger Thieves & Protects Every Keystroke YOU Type On YOUR Computer Keyboard.
By William
Eltima Software has released new version of Advanced Keylogger - the invisible monitoring solution for Windows computers. The 64-bit OS support was added along with essential logs emailing improvements, stability enhancements, etc.
By Sienna
Feb. 22, 2011 – Micro Keylogger Inc., the company specializing in awarding – winning monitoring solutions, announced the release of Micro Keylogger 1.70.
By Gentech Labs LLC
New PC Tap Pro ver. 4.9 by Gentech Labs has all the features of Spectorsoft at a lower price.
By Gustavo Banda
Cromosoft Technologies today announces WinSession Logger 5.0 this software keylogger is available from year 2003 and has been installed thousand of times. They are offering a free licence of WinSession Logger thanks to their sponsors from Trial Pay.
By Amplusnet
Stealth Keylogger is a computer monitoring software developed by Amplusnet Company. The application works in complete stealth mode and records keystrokes typed, applications running, websites visited, chat conversations and much more.
By Tom Youngger
Are you eager for learning how to hinder a keylogger from functioning? They are possibly threatening programs, which can be used to trace the user's activities and possibly get important information from the system by computer theft.
By Widestep Security Software
New updated version of Elite Keylogger 4.7 offers you higher level of security, more convenient way of logs receiving, new localizations and numerous options added in order to make monitoring process flawless.
By Tom Youngger
Do you know keylogger? What is it used for? Reading this essay and you will find the answer.
By Rafay baloch
Learn How to hack,Get Hacking and security tips from experts real ways to learn Hacking
By File Recovery Utilities
Keylogger recording program monitors every keystrokes typed on your computer by external user in your absence in the current login session. Keypress spy monitoring application helps to protect your personal computer from unauthorized users remotely.
By Amy White
Updated version of Elite Keylogger enables all users to monitor PC activity in absolutely hidden mode, track passwords, chats, emails, keystrokes, screenshots and stay absolutely invisible.
By Widestep Security Software
Updated version of Elite Keylogger enables all users to monitor PC activity in absolutely hidden mode, track passwords, chats, emails, keystrokes, screenshots and stay absolutely invisible.
By Richard Eckerlin
Virus removal is a time consuming and expensive proposition. With over 1000 new viruses each week, how can one protect themselves cheaply and effectively? Now with Virus insurance you can.
By Recover Data
Keylogger program records activities performed on your computer system including chat messages, typed URLs, visited website etc. Utility allow viewing the log files and providing facility to send encrypted log files to user specified email address.
By Data Recovery
Keyboard surveillance tool invisibly monitors typed text URL, clipboard contents, system startup date, time, session, chat conversations, sending mails, windows captions etc. Software easily tracks your employee online activities in your absence.
By Forensic software
Monitoring keyboard software watch all user actives and run in background of desktop. Keystroke recording tool is not detected by any antivirus application. Keylogger application is user-friendly tool to check every keystroke like alt, clt, del etc.
By Password Recovery
Advanced keylogger spy software monitor child or employee activity on internet
By File Recovery
Keylogger application records all the keystrokes in a hidden and encrypted log file including login and log out time, Run in invisible mode, install easily on Windows Vista, XP,2003, 2000. Ease of installation and graphical user interface
By Sienna Johansson
Aobo Software, the global award-winning provider of Mac Monitoring software,announced that Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger 3.0 will be released. The estimated release date is Sep. 14th 2009.
By Keystroke Capture
Remote spy keylogger utility records all keystrokes on your computer system and saves it into an encrypted log file for future reference. Advance keyboard spy software is specially designed to establish full control on your PC in your absence.
By Key Logger
Key logger software constantly tracks the keyboard activities of external users on PC in your absence. PC monitoring tool saves all keystroke pressed in a password protected text file that helps user to find out computer usage details of family.
By Digital camera data recovery
Keystrokes recording tool records all keystrokes and secretly captures all visited URLs, chat conversation and running program screenshots. Remote surveillance software is password protected program that prevents access from unauthorized users.
By Keylogger Software
Keystrokes monitoring software records user key press activity in password protected log file. Computer spy software track all typed keystroke for login, password, voice chat, email, visited sites, clipboard contents, text document with date, time.
By Best Data Recovery Software
Keylogger invisibly records every keystroke to encrypted easy-to-understand logs.
By Spy Software
Keystroke recorder software tracks all keyboard activities such as typed character, email, hidden passwords and internet usage in encrypted log file. Keylogger monitoring utility works in stealth mode and not detect by any spyware or antivirus tool
By iPod Restore
Advanced key logger tool secretly track user’s online activities, typed keystrokes, chats history, mail address and visited website URL with used files, folders, name, date, time and location. Software runs in hidden mode at system background.
By Password Recovery
Windows keylogger application records computer keyboard activity in a log file
By Computer monitoring software offers invisible Keylogger software for windows OS which provide complete monitoring of computer system. We have professional R&D team which uses advance surveillance technology and provide 100% customer satisfaction in real time.
By Stealth Keylogger
Advanced keylogger utility facilitates to save user activities on computer such as typed documents, visited website URLs, chat conversation and instant messaging. Keyboard recorder software runs in hidden mode and does not detect by any antivirus.
By Email cracking
Undetectable recorder utility secretly monitors all PC activities of your employee’s like daily performance, suspicious employee activities, transmission of confidential information etc. Keylogger monitor tool records all pressed keys time and date
By Forensic Software
Download Keylogger application keep track over all internet browsing activities like chat exchange, documents and other emails in hidden mode. Keystroke surveillance program automatically generate reports of recorded data in text file formats.
By Remote Keylogger
Computer keyboard tracking software records all text email, multilingual passwords and chat conversation into a hidden encrypted log file. Download keylogger program monitors employees, child and spouses activity done on PC or laptop in your absence.
By Free spy software
Parental Control keylogger software tracks entered keyboard data in hidden mode
By Keystroke capture
Keyboard keys monitoring program secretly tracks entire keystroke generated data in recent login session. Keystrokes recording software captures incoming outgoing mails content, instant messages, surfed websites address, online chat conversation etc.
By Spy Tools Directory
Real Time Keylogger Program Enables Users to See What's Being Typed as it Happens
By Spy Tools Directory
Spy Technology Website Featuring Discount Price and Review Resources for KeyLog Pro Key Logging Software
By Spy Tools Directory
Online Spy Technology Resource Now Featuring Top Rated KeyLog Pro Keylogger Software
..Credit Unions may be at risk for Keylogger attacks similar to Heartland Payment Systems’ attack where many millions of credit card numbers were stolen over a several month period.
By Amplusnet
For those who haven’t posted any video yet, we have a last chance. Until May 7th we keep accepting videos related to “original ways of using a keylogger”.
By Amplusnet Team
Let’s share ideas! Amplusnet Team is pleased to announce that Amplusnet Blog has just been released.
By Amplusnet
To better monitor and record all activities on your computer, Amplusnet has launched a new version of its state-of-art monitoring solution Stealth KeyLogger 4.7.
By ReFog Software
Free key logger software with extended capabilities for home and office.
By Amplusnet
Stealth Keylogger has been reviewed by the experts of and has received the first place in their rankings.
By Amplusnet
Stealth Keylogger provides detailed information on who uses your computer, their chat conversations, the visited web sites, keystrokes history and much more.
By Inside-Logger
Inside Chat Spy, the new monitoring solution launched by Inside-Logger, helps you reveal all the chat conversations that took place on your computer regardless the person who is using it.

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