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By imperato for president
Mr. Independent ,The Bostonian time bomb Constitutionalist, will make announcement in coming days . VETS DUMP TRUMP MCCAIN is a hero Sanders will fizzle.
By Terry Corbell
A bipartisan bill introduced by Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) makes economic sense, says Seattle management consultant Terry Corbell.
By McCain Foods USA
Americans are eating more at home and looking for healthy, creative dishes that are fast and easy. McCain Purely Potatoes takes away peeling, slicing or dicing fresh potatoes while offering the same great taste and nutrition that you would expect.
A decision that is a disaster both politically and economically
By McCain & Co. Public Relations
Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Worship Leader Makes Solo Recording Debut
By McCain & Co. Public Relations
Veteran Rapper's Sophomore CD Hits Retail Today
By Broad Side of the Barn
An Independent Call, is the amusing story of a New Hampshire Independent and McCain supporter in the 2008 election. This book gives an insightful look at the political parties, and the media during this two-year long process.
Impressed by the President’s Call for Americans to 'Pull Together' and to 'Commit to More Education', Company Offers Helping Hand President Obama’s speech made an impact on at least one Chief Executive Officer - Arcella Global’s President & ...
By askSam Systems
A free, searchable database of the complete transcripts of more than 220 Barack Obama speeches has been released by askSam Systems.
By Dream-Maker Inc. for movies & films to inspire.
Pres. Obama & John McCain favorite movies. Films for overachievers & political statesmen. Movies to inspire, enlighten, challenge, and arrest your affections. Movies entertain, but also illuminate. Films to engage your passions and make you think.
By The National Democratic Republican Party
Both the Democrats and Republicans picked their Mascots out of a cartoon in a newspaper. The Democratic Republican National Party does not, we pick the figureheads, the foundations of America.
By Isis For President
Isis, a cat candidate for President of the United States is hoping that human voters will elect her to be the country's next President on Tuesday.
By Kathryn Ward
Want to know more about Michelle Obama and her racist views?
By Kathryn Ward
Find out who is really wasting the tax payers hard earned money during this election.
By Kathryn Ward
More information on the Presidential Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama; what you should know before you vote.
By Marv Research
Based on a statistical analysis, the poll showing Obama up by 11 is wrong. By correcting the built in bias of the poll McCain actually comes up the winner.
The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) is non-partisan. Below we summarize the positions and history of a number of U.S. presidential candidates on some issues of concern to ETAN as they relate to Indonesia and East Timor (Timor-Leste).
By Cascade Software Corporation
Just one week after release, the iPhone Election application from Cascade Software Corporation has advanced to the 2nd rank (among 46 paid applications in the "News" category) in Apple's iTunes popularity ranking.
By CarZen
A popular, engaging Presidential Widget called CarMatch allows users to choose the one car that best matches each Presidential candidate by his or her personality traits.
By Matt Powers
Kansas City, MO, October 29, 2008 – The Bobblehead, LLC has created two one-of-a-kind collectibles, a Joe the Plumber Republican Bobblehead and a limited edition of 100, Republican Vice-President nominee Sarah Palin.
By B A Squared LLC
Michelle Obama voted America's favorite mother-in-law at
By Bob Roth
HSUS Top Dog Wayne Pacelle tells Animal Radio® that Farmers are Gouging Us
By Kathryn Ward
If you are truly stuck and don't know what to think because mainstream media has pulled you one way, fear and economy in another; then please read this Press Release!
By Isoldi Multimedia
OVER 57, 000 VIEW “OBAMA” ROCK THE VOTE AMERICA by JK CITIZEN as controversy brews over the influence of young voters.
Will Joe the Plumber host his own TV reality show? Is Biden gaga over Palin? Did Obama's campaign cause a national epidemic of the vapors? The answer is yes says editors at The Loose Change Gazette, published by the satirical web site
“Yes We Can” only if we want to. Obama Unity provides a platform for all of you who wish to contribute to this noble cause. A cause that can only help you to build a better tomorrow!
By Kollaborator Productions
80-year-old Stanley "Kwayzar" Hoffman is the oldest professional rap singer. He's white, he's Jewish and he's on the Obama bandwagon with a rocking rap song, "The Vote of a Lifetime." For Kwayzar, it's the break of a lifetime
“We’ve predicted the last 3 presidential winners based on the candidates grooming habits and more specifically by the condition of their eyebrows,” says Michael Gilman, co-owner of the Grooming Lounge.
By Shadowbox Enterprises, LLC
It's called the Bigfoot that will not die. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and others turned from the presidential campaign to cover a live press conference on the "bigfoot discovery." Now trick lovers get a treat as the original body moves on to greener pastures.
By Joe Simiriglio Jr
Joe Simiriglio Jr. owner has been urging elected officials to offer all citizens a Federal Income Tax Holiday beginning Friday 10/10/2008 and ending 10/10/2009, the purpose to get America moving again from the Bottom Up!
By The Daily Source
To give people access to more information and help separate the facts from inaccuracies, has created a comprehensive Sarah Palin special section looking at her record and policies.
By Tom Vass
Vass Says If Obama wins buy Ingorsoll Rand. If McCain Wins, Invest in Molex
By on365
on365 investigates who is the biggest IT geek between political rivals Barack Obama and John McCain.
By Frontier Creative Apparel
Joe Simiriglio Jr, inventor/owner of Frontier Creative Apparel has introduced, Hilary supporters for Obama-Biden Apparel starting at $12.00 including shipping. The Print is in Bubble-Gum Pink, while the shirts are Black. check out
By Eaagle
U.S. Elections website at provides full text analysis of unstructured responses to questions aimed at presidential candidates.
By Jordan Christopher, Ivy Hollow Media
Today for the first time since the party conventions in August the candidates finally acted presidential and carefully and calmly laid out agendas for the future of America. It was a refreshing change from the attacks of the recent past.
By Liane do PV
Liane do PV, member of green party of Brazil and environmental activist gets involved as Brazil’s messenger of
By AMC for the PM
While many people joke that politicians are skilled in the art of deception, few realize that some politicians are digging even deeper into the magician’s bag of tricks. What they call 'Spin' is just plain old 'Misdirection' in disguise.
By Joseph Oddo
Third in a series of interviews with former Independent Presidential candidate Daniel Imperato.
By Frontier Creative Apparel
Frontier has released by popular demand its McCain-Palin Red T-shirt with White Ink at $15.00 each including shipping anywhere in the USA.
By Joe Simiriglio Jr Frontier Creative Apparel
Frontier Creative Apparel has created a McCain-Palin T-shirt in Bold Red Letters on a White-T-shirt.($12.00 each) Receiving calls from Republican committee-people for shirts statewide, Frontier has responded to fill the void.
By What Would You Say To The President allows users to submit a letter or upload a video. Messages are delivered to White House press secretary Dana Parino. Users will receive a message as to when their message was delivered and who signed for it.
By Dion Money Management
Dion and Orlando predict that financial, healthcare and energy stocks will be impacted no matter which candidate takes office in January.
By Empty Garage Books
Jerry Dawson, author of Sales 101: Principles in Action, will donate 100% of his profits to the McCain/Palin campaign from now until Election Day. For every order placed on his website or, Dawson will give the entirety of his author royalt
By Jordan Christopher
As the presidential election intensifies and the Democrats attempt to dissect the background of the GOP candidates one issue moving to the forefront is pro-abortion, a defining issue between pro-abortion Democrats and Pro-life Republicans.
By Christianity Today International
While it may appear in the media that gender, race, and teen pregnancy are the top issues in the 2008 presidential election, a new poll by Christianity Today International's says Active
By John Barnhart
Michael Johns, White House speechwriter to President George H.W. Bush, is the special guest of radio talk show host John Barnhart on the Heading Right Radio Channel tonight at 7pm CST.
By Frontier Creative Apparel
Frontier Creative Apparel has created for $12.00 including shipping charges an Obama-Biden T-shirt for the Political Junkies out there. McCain-Palin T-shirt will be available on the site after Labor Day for $12.00 including shipping charges.
By John Barnhart
The hosts and Bloggers of the "Heading Right" radio channel are providing grass roots conservative organizarions with yet another talk radio media outlet where they can expose the bias and hypocrisy of the left wing media.
By John Ruberry
John Ruberry, a 46 year old blogger and independent journalist from Morton Grove, IL, received media credentials to attend next week's Republican National Convention at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. John blogs at Marathon Pundit.


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