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By Epoch 5 Public Relations
Bethpage Among Nation’s Largest Credit Unions Continuing to Offer Free...
By StubZero is pround to announce further discounts along with their policy of Zero Fees to the NBA's hottest games of the week. Just in time for the Christmas season see the most exciting NBA games of your favorite team
Save 6% on ALL Rihanna Tickets at by using discount code stubnow6 at checkout. has a huge inventory of Rihanna Diamonds Tour Tickets on sale.
The Green Day Tour has released tickets for the public and has many in stock. They offer virtually any seat, any game, any price; Always Zero Fees.
No Monthly Charges - No Monthly Bills - No Contracts - One Equipment Payment and You Will Never Pay Another Cent To Use This Medical Alert System
By Audrey Cohen
NO Debit Card Fees, NO Monthly Maintenance Fees, NO Transaction Fees, NO Minimum Balance Fees, NO Bethpage Fees for Foreign ATMs, FREE Checking, Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking
By No More Monthly Fees - EVER !
Seniors Can Now Press 1 Button and TALK with help- Right Through Their Wireless Long Range Panic Button- Medical Alert System with No Monthly Charges to use it EVER !
By Two-Way Connunication is Real !
There Really is a Medical Alert Panic Button that Seniors (or anyone) can TALK through. Truly Two-Way Voice Communication In your Home or out in the Yard. This is AMAZING Technology !
By No More Monthly Fees - EVER !
No Monthly Fees EVER ! Seniors now have a way to break free from the monthly monitoring charges that those 'other' companies charge them each month.
By CommonWealth One
CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union offers customers four great free checking options in spite of the changing economic of increasing fees for banking convenience.
By Seniors and Caregiver Solutions Today
You Don't Rent Your Home Phone - Why Would You Rent A Medical Alert System? One Payment and The System Is Yours Forever. Talk Through The Pendant - Mini-Cordless Phone Panic Button - NO MONTHLY FEES or Contracts.
By Seniors and Caregiver Daily Solutions
At Times Seniors Fall or Just Need Help - NOW They can Press 1 Button and CALL their Caregiver or ANYONE and Talk With Them Live Through Their Call Button.
By Seniors - Family - Caregivers
Your Parents Need Safety and Protection When Alone - Provide For Them With This NO MONTHLY FEE Home Alert System - You Pay Once and Never Again. No Monthly Bills Or Charges.
By Caregiver and Senior Solutions
Caregivers and Seniors, Family and Friends Love This Senior Monitoring System - NO MORE MONTHLY FEES - Never Pay A Monthly Bill - EVER !
By Australia Loves These Systems!
Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth - Seniors ALL over Australia are LOVING these Emergency Alert Systems because of the EASE of operation and NO MONTHLY BILLS EVER!
By Perfect Senior Gift !
NOW Available - New Technology Allows Huge Coverage Medical Alert System To Seniors with A Two-Way Voice Communication Pendant - YES! You Can TALK Through It !!
By Press-Talk-Listen-Get Help-No Fees
Seniors - Children - Caregivers - Disabled - They all Love This NEW Long Range Panic Button They Can Talk Through --- And with NO MONTHLY CHARGES it is fantastic !
The Disabled or Elderly Can NOW Have An Emergency Pendant They Can Talk Through with Only One Button To Push. A Great Solution For Those with Mobility or Vision Issues. No Monthly Fee, Charges or Contracts !
By No Charge Senior/Elderly Alert System
The Panic Button That Has It All - Portable - Long Range - Answer Phone - Talk Through Panic Button - Wear In Shower and NO CHARGES Per Month To Use It !!
By Best Senior - Parent Gift Ever !
Seniors-Parents-Caregivers-Children- all want an easy way to instantly communicate. With this NO MONTHLY CHARGE Communication pendant they can carry the safety and communication all over their home and yard. They can even answer the phone with it!
NEWEST Senior Alert Technology Allows Phone To Be Answered and Full Two-Way Alert Communication Right Through The Wireless Senior Emergency Communicator Pendant. You Can Also Wear It In The Shower -- NO MONTHLY CHARGES!
By No Charge Per Month!
STOP Paying Monthy Charges For A Medical Alert System. These Systems Will Call Your Neighbor, A Cell Phone, Family, Friends or Even 911 with NO Monthly Costs or Contracts.
By FREE To Use Medical Alert Systems
Learn - Compare - Review Medical Alert Systems with NO MONTHLY CHARGES. How do they work, what are the costs. There are systems without monthly fees or contracts. Learn about them.
By Instant Connection with HELP - No Monthly Fees
Time counts in an emergency. When you can press 1 button and TALK with HELP it can save your life. Plus, NO MONTHLY CHARGE to use the system. This saves seniors thousands of dollars opposed to a monitored medical alert system.
By Senior Panic Button withTalk Through Communication
Seniors can NOW press 1 button and TALK with help (family, friends or 911) with NO MONTHLY EXPENSES. Long Range Wireless Pendant Communicator (over 2 football fields of coverage)
By Saving Seniors Lives and Money
If SENIORS are EVER alone they need an Instant Way to Communicate. This is the answer. The best part is there are NO Monthly Expenses. Buy the system and it is yours forever with NO additional charges to use it.
By No Monitoring Fee Medical Alert System
Your System To Keep Forever. No Monthly Monitoring Fees - No Contracts - No Setup Charges - Calls Friends - Family or even 911 when you have an Emergency. Instant communications through the TALK Through Wireless Panic Button Pendant Communicator.
By New Announcement For Seniors and Caregivers!
You can personalize the system with the flick of a switch to call Friends Only, Friends +911 or 911 Only. You have total control and best of all there are No Monthly Expenses.
By Seniors Find New Technology Saves!
Finally Seniors Can Eliminate Medical Alert Monitoring Company Expenses Forever. The New Freedom Alert Allows Seniors to Call Anyone With Their Alert Pendant, Talk Right Through It and NEVER Pay A Monthly Fee Again !
By New Announcement For Seniors and Caregivers!
A Thrilling New Product For Seniors. No More Monthly Emergency Alert Expenses. Buy It and Never Pay Again Medical Alert System. New Technology Allows For Two-Way Communication Right Through The Mini-Panic Button Pendant.
By World's First No Fee Talk Through Emergency Alert
No Activation Costs - No Monthly Fees - Call For Help With The Press Of ONE Button. Seniors and Caregivers and Family can connect quickly and inexpensively when HELP is needed.
By One Button Emergency Call-No Fees
With the Touch of ONE Button - Connect with Family - Friends or Even 911 with NO Monthly Expense EVER !
By Two-Way Voice Communication-Senior-Elderly
Give them A Christmas Gift This year that they can USE. Something they Don't Have and Would Not Buy For Themselves. Plus - there are no monthly Expenses to use it--- Find out More!
By Two-Way Voice Communication Pendant
Parents-Seniors-Elderly Need a Way To Get Instantly In Touch With Help - This Alert System has a Two-Way Voice Panic Button with No Monthly Fees/Expense/Contract!
By NEW Two-Way Voice Communicator
NOW there is a No Monthly Expense Emergency Alert System that allows for Seniors to Call and TALK with their Caregiver, Family or even 911 In the Event they need HELP at home.
By Connecting Seniors Family Caregivers
Seniors - Panic Button Emergency Call System with Two-Way Voice Medical Alert System - NO Monthly Expense - No Contracts - No Usage Charges - EVER !
By Two-Way Voice Communicator
Seniors - Parents - connecting FAST to help when they need it can literally save their lives - This system allows that to happen with NO MONTHLY CHARGES or Contracts - Learn more !
By NO Monthly Payments
Talk Right Through The Senior Panic Button - Full Two-Way Voice Communication through the Portable Pendant.
By Security and Comfort with NO Ongoing Charges-EVER!
Medical Alert For Seniors - Two-Way Voice Communication with NO Monthly Expense- YES - it is Real and Possible Today. Technology has finally arrived to save seniors thousands of dollars.
By 1 in 3 Seniors Fall Each Year
When a Fall Does happen for Seniors (as it will, 1 in 3 will fall this year) INSTANT Communication to Help Can Statistically Save Their Life- With NO Monthly Charges - This is The BEST Solution for them.
By Seniors Save Every Day !
Confirmed ! No Monitoring Charges - Medical Alert Systems - They Are Here and Now. Seniors are learning that they can save every day by not paying a monitoring charge each month.
By Alarm Button For Elderly with NO Fees
No MONTHLY FEES - Alarm Button Seniors Can TALK Through- Buy It and It's Yours Forever with NO MONTHLY CHARGES.
By Emergency Button For Elderly
Seniors Can Call For help with the push of a button and talk through the button to anyone - all without contracts or monthly fees.
By No Fee Medical Alert Systems
What seniors and caregivers have been waiting for - NO MONTHLY FEES - EVER ! Buy the system and you will never pay a cent to use it.
By Ultimate Senior Emergency Alert
Medical Alert System - NO MONTHLY FEES *EVER*!. Amazing Technology NOW Allows Two-Way Voice Communication Through The Alert Button All Over Your Home and Yard.
By End Caregiver Chaos
Caregivers need time to get out and run to town and do other things. This tool helps you get away and still be in touch if needed.
By Security-Comfort With NO Ongong Charges-Period!
Medical Alert With NO MONTHLY FEES - Two-Way Voice Communication In Your Home or In Your Yard - Portable Wireless Long Range Communicator.
By Help Communicator with NO FEES
No Monthly Charges - Seniors Simply Carry This Long Range Two-Way Communicator With Them In Their Home Or In Their Yard. In The Event Of An Accident Or Need They Press One Button And Can Talk Through The Communicator To Help.
By Senior Panic Button Communicator
No Monthly Fee - Seniors Can Now Just Press A Button On Their Fully Portable Panic Button Anywhere In Their Home Or Out In The Yard and TALK With Help.
By Security and Comfort with NO ONGOING FEES !
NO MONTHLY FEES - Seniors Can Instantly TALK with Their Caregivers Wherever They May Be Over The Phone With One Push Of A Button On Their Wireless Communicator - Anywhere In Their Home or Out In The Yard.


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