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By Barrgo
The transportation industry is trending in line with prior years with a poor first quarter but Q2 slowing rebounding towards recovery.
By gal-friday publicity
Top coach helping to set Medicine Hat businesses on the path to recovery and success.
Matt Golab talks about a MarketWatch article that talked about oil prices affecting home-price appreciation.
By Edward Jones - Matt McDonald: Financial Advisor
Make sure your portfolio is positioned for more ups and downs in oil prices and the stock market so you can stay invested through them.
By Chase Global Trend
Chase Global Trend releases new analysis of the global oil situation and makes bold estimates of the future of oil.
By Berico
Despite the uncertainty floating around the energy crisis, the oil market is doing surprisingly well. According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration, oil prices are expected to follow a downward pattern well into 2014.
By Visiongain
Visiongain’s new report, The 20 Leading Companies in the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 2013: A Competitive Analysis, profiles the major players in the EOR market, analysing their current involvement in the market and assessing their future prospects.
By Lynn Gomez, Health Consultant
High oil price economic difficulties occur because high oil prices tend to lead to unemployment, and high unemployment tends to lead to higher government expenditures and lower government revenue.
By Frost & Sullivan
Increasing Infrastructure Investment and the ASEAN Integration to Heighten the APAC Region’s Growth Potential
By Awake! Consulting
Long-time supply chain consultant Chuck Taylor of Awake! Consulting is helping logistics and transportation businesses take an active role in shaping national energy policies and preparing for a very different future.
By Frost & Sullivan
Efforts continue to achieve lower cost per area for solar cells, while generating greater wattage
By Provideo Financial
Provideo Financial Report: European debt crisis continues to escalate, and most agree that governments need to act collectively and in short order, before this contagion causes irreparable damage to the economic fabric of the continent.
By Southeast Asian Ethanol
Libyan oil output, which has dwindled to a trickle amid a pro-democracy revolt, accounted for about $15 to $20 of the roughly $30 increase in oil prices from December to the February peak.
By Mitchell Clark
Without a catalyst for investors to be big buyers of equities, the marketplace is left to trade on prevailing economic data or specific corporate events.
By Mitchell Clark
Gold and silver have both been pretty hot in the market lately. But which one stands out as the better trade?
By Mitchell Clark
Currently, we're seeing investors rally around the bad news in the marketplace. It’s a shift in sentiment that was expected because both equities and commodities were due for a correction.
By EconomyWatch
No sooner had we breathlessly reported April’s record highs for gold and silver, at over $1500

and close to $50 per troy ounce respectively, than commodities stage a ‘flash crash’, startling

investors and traders alike.
By EconomyWatch
Who says miracles can’t happen? After four straight days of steady decline, crude oil prices finally plummeted by nearly 9 percent on Thursday to US$99.80 a barrel – the first time it has been under US$100 a barrel for nearly two months...
By George Leong, B.Comm.
Libya is getting bombed by American, British, and French fighter jets. The situation in Libya could spill over to other Arab countries in sympathy. Japan just suffered a horrific tsunami and related leak in one of its nuclear generation plants.
By Business Monitor International
MENA Crisis: The Key Risk to Global Recovery and Stability is a new 46-page report published by Business Monitor International (BMI) that examines the consequences of popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.
By George Leong, B.Comm.
Oil is surging in the global markets and this has transformed into higher gasoline prices at the pump, which now average over $3.50 per gallon and may be heading higher. Gasoline prices are surging at the pumps
By Mitchell Clark, B.Comm.
As the broader stock market continues to digest events in North Africa and higher oil prices, some investor fervor has been taken away. Mitchell still thinks, however, that the near-term trend is up and that the S&P 500 Index will achieve
By Mitchell Clark, B.Comm.
I have a real sense that this decade will be characterized as the decade of the commodity. Right now we’re in a Fed-induced inflationary period and it’s going to last for a number of years.
By Satya House Publications
For the first time ever, gas prices nationwide are above $3.00 in December. Freezing temperatures and large quantities of snow are taking their toll on the country. And oil prices are rising steadily. What happens next? How can we prepare?
By Fast Market Research
New Energy market report from GlobalData: "Negative Short Term Gas Outlook Driving the Exploration and Production Companies to Expand into Oil"
By Wayne Lee
Reading the comments of former CIA Director, James Woolsey, helps us understand the reality of oil consumption, control and prices, and why alternative fuels are critical to the future.
By Richard Dinkela II
St. Louis Based Creve Coeur Paving has integrated online scheduling into its website. The new system benefits customers by making schedules available 24 hours. This alleviates problems and conflicts for property managers and private consumers.
By Dennis Mangan, logi Energy
Dennis Mangan, logi Energy, Gives Weekly Commentary on Market and Diesel Fuel Hedging
By logi Energy, LLC
Lorenzo Ortega, III Advises Air Force to Fully Hedge DoD Fuel
By logi Energy, LLC
Logi Energy’s Jeffrey Brown on Financial Sense Radio
By Rich Dinkela II
Saint Louis based, Ez-Pavement Repair Inc, and Creve Coeur Paving Inc agrees to partnership in certain circumstances in order to provide patrons with a higher level of quality pavement services.
By Monthly Oil Income
Investors Who Do Not Know The Ins And Outs Of Investing In Today’s Oil Production Opportunities Can Attend Monthly Oil Income’s Webinar To Have Their Questions Answered.
By Monthly Oil Income
Monthly Oil Income Has Developed A Webinar Series To Help Investors Learn How To Profit From Peak Oil Prices Without Speculating In High-risk Offerings.
By The Renewable Energy Centre
With the world watching oil prices steadily rise, Gordon Brown’s trip to the Middle East appeared to offer a new solution which was for oil exporting countries to increase their output but also invest in UK renewable energy.
High oil prices are here to stay. You ask why but the price of oil has run up so much lately? Well, there are two reasons for that, one is speculative and second is fundamental.
By ShindigZ
Party Supply Company announces a four day work week to help employees with the rising cost of gas.
By Jordan Christopher, Ivy Hollow Media
Oil analysts have a major impact on oil prices whether they represent financial institutions or the news media but how much do we know about the analysts and what interest might they have in the record prices?
By Jordan Christopher, Ivy Hollow Media
With record oil prices sending the USA and world into an economic crisis why are so many elected and appointed government officials and candidates for office virtually silent on the matter and failing to offer solutions? Maybe they should listen.

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