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By Author Bruce Shields
“Pandemic Dawn” a series of novels from rising author Bruce A. Shields has become a hugely popular set of “apocalyptic fiction”.
By Light Messages Publishing
THE NEW REALITY takes every doctor's biggest fear and plays it out on a global scale in the year 2080. The current Ebola outbreak reminds readers that in this science fiction novel, there may be more science than fiction after all.
By Soul On Loan Records
Brooklyn band on the rise. Fear Report's "Pandemic" impresses hard rock critics.
By Beacon Continuity Management, LLC
Beacon Continuity today announced the launch of its Business Continuity Consulting practice with Nationally Recognized Business Continuity Expert – Patrick R. Dunn as the Principal Consultant for Beacon Continuity.
By Untreed Reads Publishing
Join Untreed Reads in watching two opposing forces clash. St. Louis writer Dawn Leslie Lenz pits the anxiety of an individual against the mob's embrace of the unknown in her new short story—ZEPHYR OF ASHES, now available as an eBook.
By Pharmacy OneSource Public Relations
Best Practices for Dealing with Widespread Infections
By Informa Exhibitions
Experts at Abu Dhabi Medical Congress to discuss challenges of working with infection prevention and control
By Danny Aronovic, Shapira Marketing
BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tamar Ben-Yedidia, will present the results of the Phase IIa clinical trial on the universal flu vaccine at the 2011 BIO International Convention.
By Christine Venuti
Announcing Wisconsin's first all-day Bed Bug Conference on May 24 in Milwaukee and May 25 in Appleton. The conference, directed toward public and private facility services representatives, will cover the state's tremendous bed bug infestation.
By Carl Nagaitis
Linco Care Factory Produces Anti-Swin Flu Handwash To Protect Front Line Medics At Nationa's Hospitals and Clinics
By Total Quality Cleaning Systems
With the flu season hitting its stride, it is important for businesses to prepare for the health and economic impact on their employees and the company's bottom line. Learn 8 easy steps which can help to lessen the effect of the flu on your company.
By Susan Pereira
BCM Institute invited to share with aviation sector good practices in implementing a Pandemic Flu BC plan.
By AboutKidsHealth
The H1N1 virus was discovered in Spring 2009. Starting in Mexico the virus quickly spread across the world and The Hospital for Sick Children has produced a detailed report about Swine Flu on AboutKidsHealth to explain what has been learnt.
By BiondVax
BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (TASE: BNDK), an Israeli biopharmaceutical company and developer of a Universal Influenza Vaccine, today announced that it has signed a term sheet for a 3 year $7 million standby equity distribution agreement
By Key-Stone
Also in Italy, doubts about the excessive alarmism have risen. Italians don’t trust the vaccine and suspect interests. No to the vaccine for the 97%, more hygiene for the 59%, excessive alarmism for the 71%.
By Clemens P. Suter
In this new adventure story, Alan, the sole survivor of a pandemic, finds himself stranded in Tokyo. He decides to do the impossible: travel home to his family, across a deserted Eurasia . Publisher: Booksurge (English, 2009) - ISBN 1439250138
By Trade Winds Family Medicine
Trade Winds Family Medicine in Kailua, Oahu today announced the start of a community lecture series "Ask Your Family Doctor". The lectures are free to the public and are intended to educate the community on health issues that affect everyday lives.
By Wood Wyant
Wood Wyant launch the KISS - Keep It Safe and Sanitized - program.These important tools can help you communicate the importance of practising good hygiene habits in your workplace to keep your company healthy and open for business
By Jennifer Glidden
Educators, parents, and book lovers can get a free, exclusive look at a brand-new middle grade novel, Finn Reeder, Flu Fighter.
By Eloquent Books
In 2007 the Bird Flu virus mutated into a form that could more easily infect human beings. One more major mutation could start a worldwide pandemic, the likes of which has never been seen.
The market for vaccine, as one could see in the current situation, has a high growth potential. To face the thread of pandemic diseases a big amount of high quality vaccines have to be produced in a short period of time.
By CiviGuard Technologies
CiviGuard Technologies asks 'What if your smart phone could save your life?' New solutions allow agencies to better coordinate information flow during crises, and let any civilian with a smart phone to receive reliable information from authorities.
By habib thompson
The really scary part is not what the CDC, the medical establishment or the media are saying but what they are not saying. The fact that The CDC has been tracking the influenza virus in pigs since 1918, which is the end of the 1st World War.
By Ken WIlson
President Obama has declared a national emergency to deal with the the H1N1 influenza virus. Ken Wilson, a pandemic planning expert, outlined today the business, operational and workforce issues that need to be addressed in pandemic
By Vorarlberger Nachrichten Not
For people who ignore the evidence that shows a toxic snake in the grass...
By Andrew Johnson
Derbs, UK – an independent researcher has posted responses from UK Health Organisations to questions about the so-called “Swine Flu” pandemic. The responses provide no credible evidence to substantiate claims of a current or imminent pandemic.
By Educational & Institutional Insurance Admins
With increased risk of the H1N1 virus at colleges and universities across the nation, EIIA member institutions are the nation’s only institutions of higher education with coverage against loss due to airborne, waterborne or pandemic illness.
By habib thompson
H1N1 has been clever enough to hide it self in a perfect host (swine pigs or hogs) that do not always die as a result of viral infection. Pigs are a logical choice because of their sluggish circulatory systems the virus to hide and escape detection,
By Eloquent Books
In Steven T. Bramble’s first novel, it isn’t a swine flu pandemic engulfing the world. Instead, people are slowly losing their minds.
By ken wilson
The Wisconsin Safety Council and the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, will present a symposium for businesses October 23 on how to prepare for an influenza pandemic.
By Roy Edwards, Applied Mitigation Sciences
Applied Mitigation Sciences has launched All-Secure Premier™, a concierge-type emergency and disaster preparedness service designed for ultra-affluent individuals and families worldwide.
By Global Classroom, Inc
This online educational tool is designed for anyone--especially K12 schools and businesses--who needs information about, and/or a turnkey solution for educating online during, a flu outbreak.
By Applied Mitigation Sciences, LLC
Wealthy individuals and families around the world should remain vigilant in the face of deadly pandemics, increasing terrorist threats, more frequent natural disasters and widespread social unrest. Preparedness plans should be put in place now.
By Ken Wilson
Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants Selects Business Pandemic Planning Consultant Ken Wilson to Present two Webcasts on Businesses Pandemic Response and Recovery Planning.
By Far East Biotech Company
The outbreak began in Mexico and ravaged Australia in the winter. And now the rest of the world is entering the fall season.
By Michael Snyder
In a time of increasing natural disasters, terrorist attacks and economic problems, provides Americans with survival tips, information, and resources that will help them handle disaster and emergency situations.
By Ken Wilson
The mild H1N1 (Swine Flu) provided a useful test of the business community’s resilience during pandemic events and continuity of its operations.
By Burton Asset Management, Inc.
Burton Asset Management is a highly dedicated, patriotic team of Business, Disaster Recovery, Intelligence and Security Agents who do work for some of the world's biggest companies and are giving a free webinar on pandemic preparedness.
Demand is rising for consumables used in vaccine production. Market Research Media forecasts that worldwide government spending on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness will continue to grow reaching almost $10 billion by 2015.
By Market Research Media Ltd
Market Research Media announces a new study "Global Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Market Forecast 2010-2015"
By Homeland Security Policy Institute
The GW Homeland Security Policy Institute and the GW School of Public Health and Health Services will bring together health and homeland security experts to discuss the swine influenza outbreak.
By Market Research Media Ltd
Market Research Media forecasts that worldwide government spending on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness will continue to grow, though at more moderate rate of a 5% CAGR, reaching almost $10 billion by 2015.
By Atrium Innovation Limited - Cleanaer Air Purifier
What's the best way to protect against Swine Flu? Cleanaer™ is a Liquid Ioniser Air Purifier proven to reduce microbes in the air and reduce risk of infection. Cleanaer™ can protect you immediately from a sneeze anywhere in a room.
To help prepare for a possible swine flu outbreak, AEGIS ASIA Singapore would like to share the Tripartite Advisory on Workplace Measures to Tackle Influenza A (H1N1-2009) issued by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore
By Bob Fisher
The mass hysteria over the “Swine Flu” in unwarranted according to Mark D. Sisson, a nationally respected authority on health, nutrition and fitness. There is no reason to believe it will be any more harmful than past stains of flu.
By China Connection Global Healthcare
China Connection Global Healthcare implements its pandemic response plan in conjunction with its dedicated network of international hospitals in Tianjin and Beijing, China.
By Stratus Building Solutions
National Franchisor of Building Service and Maintenance Franchises is Addressing Pandemic Concerns Across the U.S.
When buying a product for the employees, focus on the benefits not the features. If the benefits out weigh the features and the price is right, buy it. What about a product that will reduce stress, restore work/life balance, etc. Interested?
An outbreak of swine flu has sparked fears of a global pandemic. There have been reported death cases in Mexico and US. The swine flu virus appears already to have started to spread around the world.
By John Sylvester
In Britain it has been reported that up to 1.2 million people could be hospitalised and 750,000 killed by the "pandemic".Guan Yi, a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong, said that "whichever way this virus swings, we can't possibly know."


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