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By Little Viper
Woman inventor creates pepper spray bracelet to fight assault and crime
By PrivateSecurity.US.Com
Providing Self Defense and Surveillance Systems for the concerned home or business owner, Private Secuirty US is driven to give you the peace of mind security and personal safety offer.
By presents an exclusive range of self defense products for your safety purpose. These types of products give a support to fight against various types of growing insecurities.
By Illini Self Defenese . Com
When you are on the water this is the best non-lethal defense for safety and protection.
By illini self defense. com
WildFire Pepper Spray is the hottest on the market. Manufactured from Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Pepper in a non-lethal solution, rated at 3 million Scoville Units.
By Illini Self Defense . Com
Our seniors are an easy score for many kinds of attackers. The police can not be every place and we must learn to defend ourselves. Pepper sray is an easy and effective self defense product.
By illini self defense .com
The College Survival Kit combines our products with instrtuctional DVR to provide the best protection to your student.
By WebStar Productions LLC
This is only the third website change since its beginnings in 2003.
By Little Viper
New bracelet provides self-defense system in a fashionable design to wear.
By Illini Self Defense .Com
As a responsible owner of pepper spray it is up to you to use this product according to the laws of your state in a responsible and safe manner.
What Non-Lethal Self Defense Products are best to buy for your particular situation? This is something that you must decide by analizing your needs.Where am I most likely to need protection and what type of protection would be best for me.
For outdoor activities such as running or hicking,you can carry on a keychain,fasten it with the belt clip or have it in your hand with Velcro-like strap.
By Citizen Self Defense
Small business in Portland finds a great investment in the "self defense" market with a product to help prevent rape, muggings, and all types of attacks to women. Also providing local training to customers on the proper use of non lethal weapons.
By is where you will find out about pepper spray as well as pepper foam and pepper gel, what are the differences and which ones are best suited for you.
By Jonn J Sellars brought in by Self Defense Technology has a great deal of know-how when it comes to pepper spray.
By LiveSafe Products
LiveSafe Products today takes under its wings a newly founded Martial Arts system called Shamar system to serve the curriculum for LiveSafe Defense. LiveSafe Defense is a free program offering instruction in self defense.
By Body Guard Etc
Visit Body Guard Etc for all types of personal protection equipment. Find pepper spray, diversion safes, stun guns, home alarm systems, self defense cd's and much much more.Get treated like family when you shop with Body Guard Etc.
By, premier supplier of personal self defense devices and home protection products based in Jackson, Tennessee announced the release of the new Mean Green Pepper Spray from Fox Labs at a special, one time “get-acquainted” price.
By Martha Z. Martinez
Women On Guard donated pepper spray to the Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault. Step by step, they are slowly helping women, to be safer across the country.
By Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf
While the controversy continues over the use of pepper spray to deal with illegal actions by OWS protestors, many seem to be overlooking a weapon which is likely to be far more effective than sprays, tear gas, police batons, or even jail
By Bryan J. Buckner
Guardian Self Defense, one of the countries premier online retailers of non-lethal self defense products is pleased to announce the expansion of its self defense pepper spray line to include Fox Labs.
By Urban Safety Solutions
Wildfire Pepper Gel acts like glue when it comes into contact with an attacker. Attempts to wipe away the gel causes intense pain to your assailant. This new line of self defense spray has longer range and ideal for bicyclist and joggers.
By Advanced Commercial Solutions
In the past, surveillance equipment was only used by the government and private investigators - but now more and more people are finding a need for this specialized and easy to use equipment.
By ACS Personal Security
ACS Personal Security in Irving, TX specializes in self defense products such as Stun Guns, Pepper Spray and Taser products.
By Sunrise Survival
Don't get stuck in a survival situation! At Sunrise Survival, the focus is squarely on emergency supplies and survival kits designed to provide longterm safety and sustenance during situations where both may be in short supply.
By The Security Stone Company
The Security Stone Company proudly announces the launch of its two new websites.
By Empower Defense and Life Skills LLC
Empower Defense and Life Skills LLC will partner with Highland and Clinton counties "AlternativesTo Violence" for a self defense workshop.
By Bryan Hough President Of
Has a friend mentioned to you recently that wasp spray would make a good alternative to using pepper spray as a weapon of self defense? Maybe you read an article on the internet or received an email that suggests the use of bee spray.
By Empower Defense and Life Skills LLC
Reduce liabilty and protect your associates.
By William and Marie Abbatoy
Make your gift dollars count. Give a gift of personal or home security which will last the year long and protect your loved ones if the need arises. Our Safe at Home Family Life Kits offer a variety of ideas for students, drivers, home owners etc.
By William J. Sabo Sr.,M.ED, CRC, CCM, CRE, VE, FACFE
In Savannah, GA as the economy suffers, more people, are concerned about their safety. People need help protecting themselves. 1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted. College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted. What can be done?
By Martha Z. Martinez
Women On Guard™ donated pepper spray to the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico, in Espanola, New Mexico. Women On Guard wants women to take precautions during this summer, thus included some safety tips.
By Urban Safety Solutions
We have been working with our manufacturer to create a non-lethal super sized Wildfire 1lb 18% pepper spray for protection against multiple attackers.
By Urban Safety Solutions
We have been working with our manufacturer to create a non-lethal super sized Wildfire 1lb. 18% Pepper Spray
By Bryan Hough President of
Muggers prowl the streets of many cities and towns looking to prey on the unaware or unprepared. Avoid being an easy target by following these guidelines. Always Be Alert! 1)Dress to discourage unwanted attention from muggers.
By Joel Enem
KIDNAPPING is a terrifying experience, but you possess more personal resources than you may be aware of to cope with the situation. Be prepared with the best equipment.
By Bryan Hough President
Pepper spray is one of the most popular products for self defense. These sprays are affordable, easy to use, and very effective. Sometimes called Mace, which actually refers to a specific brand, pepper sprays are essential non-lethal self defense
By Joel Enem
For all the latest technology available in security equipment Allscope Technology Nigeria Ltd is the best source for your protection in personal, business, and home security equipment
By Front Line Home Security
A New self defense company opens their blog site to help educate the general public about the effects of Violence to Women and Children.
By Bryan Hough President
Weighing a mere 3.4 ounces the lightweight and compact HotShot can be easily carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack providing you an instant protective barrier from your attackers
By Rob Pellizzi
Rob Pellizzi, Founder of will be talking with Kim Iverson during her syndicated radio show “Your Time with Kim Iverson” on Tuesday, March 9 at 9:30pm ET, 8:30pm CT.
The strength of pepper spray is determined by OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) and the SHU (Scoville Heat Units). The OC is a base resin and depending on the manufacturer they will say they have a 2% OC such as Fox Labs and others will say 10% OC.
By Jeremy Stevenson,
Country music star Taylor Swift told reporters recently that she was concerned for her safety in dark parking lots; also worries for family's safety.
By Safe & Secure Defense
Safe and Secure Defense is now open. Offering a full range of Self-Defense items, including Child Safety, Tasers, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Extreme Self-Defense DVD's, and Personal Alarms.
By Lifeline Products
The crime weary public now has a lifeline for non lethal self defense. Personal safety and security are big issues with most people these days. Now a wide range of non lethal self defense alternatives has been extended to the web shopping public.
By Jeremy Stevenson, is Central Kentucky's premier online source for hidden and nanny cameras. These cameras are user friendly and allow you to be there even when you are not.
By Live Safe Technologies, LLC
Live Safe Technologies, LLC announces the opening of its complete product line of personal, home and business safety and crime prevention products.
By Women On Guard™
Women On Guard™ donated pepper spray this Holiday, to Harmony House Domestic Violence Shelter in LaGrange, Georgia.
By Martha donated pepper spray to the YWCA of Greater Memphis. The Tennessee association strives to create opportunities for women’s growth, leadership and power.
By Ecommerce Positioning
Why Are We Here? Our Mission Statement At force Protection we understand the need for people to feel secure. Unfortunately that feeling is being undermined more and more as criminals become bolder and bolder in their assaults on the innocent.


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