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By New Street Communications, LLC
GOD, GUNS, GRITS, AND GRAVY - A SATIRE chronicles the twisted voyage of Governor Mike Huckleberry as he navigates through a tangle of manic, mind-numbing conservative superstars toward what he hopes once again to make the true "White House."
By New Street Communications, LLC
Praised by critics and pundits nationwide, W.J. Renehan's PINK ELEPHANTS now available as a free Amazon Kindle download.
By Central Park Communications
Sarah Palin has leveraged her brand well since exploding on the national scene in 2008, but since she recently lost her bully pulpit at Fox News, she may need to make another national run for office to keep the Palin brand viable.
By Jeff Michaels
“She's a maverick and a mom, a killer combination.” A new parody music video by indie artist Jeff Michaels calls for the return of Sarah Palin and mocks the concept of ‘legitimate rape’ made famous by Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin.
By Ron Campbell, President at U! Creative garners engagement of national brands, bands, teams and personalities with controversial outpouring of emotion.
By Audra Nay PR
Icon News goes the You Tube rout by releasing exclusive interview with Adam Lambert, via You Tube, before the show airs nationally this fall
From May 26 to May 30 conducted a poll of which Republican candidate would most likely win the GOP nomination. The top results tied with Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin at 23% each.
By Scott Skolnick
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin had Pizza for dinner in New York City, but forgot to check with to see if the restaurant was "A" Rated by The Health Department. Unfortunately, it was "C" rated according to the government website.
By Nation Pollster
Our New Republican National Poll shows Huckabee, Palin top GOP frontrunners.
By Bill Schmalfeldt
Bill Schmalfeldt's new book takes on the Conservative Media, Conservative Punditry and Conservative Knuckleheadedness
By Politicons
Phoenix, AZ- In a national poll conducted by Politicons Polling, it found that Republicans are closing in on Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election. Of the Republicans polled, Fmr. MA. Gov. Mitt Romney was the only one to beat President Obama by 1%.
By Tony Trupiano
Is There A Sarah Palin/ Kate Gosselin Political Match Up Coming?
By Tony Trupiano
We find that a great many conservatives in this country are kneeling at the Palin alter even though she has proven to be a quitter, a continual liar, and at the heart of it all an opportunist who is getting richer by the day.
By Rick London
Founder of Google's #1 ranked offbeat cartoons, Londons Times, Rick London has made up his own word to counter Sarah Palin's "refudiate". He has written the opposite, "Unrefudiate". He has no idea what either words mean, however.
By Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc.
The Family Forest® Project Has Assembled A Vast Web of Family Ties Linking to the California Gubernatorial Election
By The Joe Foss Institution
The 2008 vice presidential nominee and former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, praised The Joss Foss Institute's work in teaching patriotism, public service, and the value of our freedoms to the next generation of children in schools.
A candidate in need of Media Training: Christine O’Donnell is the candidate from Delaware running for the U. S. Senate. She has become a media “darling” of late for a few reasons that are silly and depending on your personal politics, serious.
By Tony Trupiano
How is Levi Johnston news when there are so many worthy news makers out here that's can't get a scant media mention? It's a great question with no real answer, but to be media trained and be prepared when the media does come calling.
By Corner House Press
The new book "Sarah Palin, What She Really Thinks" by L J Lorie provides a fresh angle on a controversial celebrity and gives us insight into her thinking.
By 24Karat Public Relations
Every Way Woman (, a new web talk show created by women, for women, supports Sarah Palin’s endorsement of three women candidates
By Lou Ann Zelenik for Congress Press Release
TN-6th District Congressional Candidate Lou Ann Zelenik was awarded "Conservative of the Year" by the National Fiscal Conservative-PAC on Saturday May 29th 2010. Conservative Columnist and author, Ann Coulter was the featured speaker for the event.
By Gabrielle Lofthouse
The UK’s leading daily city deal website has conducted research to see which celebrity men and women people ‘would, but shouldn’t’ like to sleep with, with Simon Cowell proving to be the most popular choice among women.
By Preserving American Liberty
“Winning America Back” will be an action packed one-day event promoting conservative values with some of the biggest names in politics – including Fred and Jeri Thompson, Liz Cheney, J.C. Watts and Sarah Palin.
By J. Eden Gordon
Preserving America Liberty has announced Fred and Jeri Thompson, Liz Cheney and J.C. Watts will join Sarah Palin at the Independence Events Center, Kansas City, Missouri - Saturday, May 1, 2010 for "Winning America Back".
By Roger Bovee
"Sarah Palin For President" is a new lens on Squidoo with a variety of information about Sarah Palin.
By Lyn Thomas
Photograph of Sarah Palin during her Tea Party speech, once again showed up her double standards.
By Lyn Thomas
Tea Parties are on the rise in the American political scene.
By Just Audio Books
Sarah Palin's Going Rogue: An American Life was recently released in audio book format.
By Tyler Deaton
Brand-new paperback book available for sale on! Sarah Quaylin: Left-Wing Smear Attacks on Rogue Conservatives (Paperback) ~ Tyler Deaton (Author), Jay McClure (Author)
By WebTalkerPR
As Sarah Palin moves back into the national political spotlight, the valuable domain (web address) is up for sale.
By Warren Royal
While Palin gains 800,000 Facebook fans, her “political novelty” extends beyond social networking to collectors of bobbleheads, as Royal Bobbles announces the release of a limited-edition Sarah Palin bobblehead.
By Brandon*
Can't find that Governor, sorry! Because Sarah Palin Is Not a Governor nor a Political Leader. She is a Fraud and Money gathering Troll.
By Shane J. Filomena
Alaska Statue , AS 11.46.570. Criminal Impersonation in the Second Degree. Is in question at this point and it's application to these obvious acts of media driven impersonations of Authority being committed by the Former Governor.
By Lyn Thomas
No one could predict that while Sarah Palin took a step backwards, Clinton would go from strength to strength.
By The Bobblehead, LLC "The Original Bobblehead"
The Bobblehead, LLC has just released its' current Top 10 Political Bobbleheads. The list was compiled on Top Tenz and is available for your comments.
By Gary Anderson
Palin Sucks Political Group accepts Squidoo lenses on a variety of subjects, including political humor, political history, anti Sarah Palin or pro Sarah Palin lenses, etc.
By Prescott Rhodes
Palintology.TV, the web’s premier source for Sarah Palin satire, has announced it would support a Sarah Palin presidential run in 2012.
By Stephanie M. Davis
Patriot Games Radio is a Boston-based public affairs program airing live on the BlogTalkRadio network. The host, Stephanie M. Davis (a.k.a. Boston Patriot), interviews civic, political, and business thought leaders throughout the state and country.
By Kevin Lockett
Social media consultant takes a look at the presidential election in Akron, Ohio
By BreastPump Mama
BreastPump Mama, a woman-owned small company, earlier this month sent baby gifts of a VersaPed® foot-powered breast pump each, to vice presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, who recently had a baby, and to Mrs. Palin's daughter.
By Mona Piontkowski/
Seminars for Professionals Dealing with children with special needs available on
Will Joe the Plumber host his own TV reality show? Is Biden gaga over Palin? Did Obama's campaign cause a national epidemic of the vapors? The answer is yes says editors at The Loose Change Gazette, published by the satirical web site
By Suzanne Longacre
Kennett Square, PA, October 20, 2008 - Momtrepreneur Suzanne Longacre of Kennett Square, PA, was invited to attend the Republican Campaign in Lancaster, PA on Saturday to present Governor Sarah Palin with a “Baby-Shower-To-Go” for Bristol.
By Garrison Caine
From the hot response to the launch of the website, there appears to be a large and quickly growing audience of people that are highly interested in finding out the scoop on Sarah Palin.
By The House of Aloha Books
Carol Forsloff, announces the e-book, Sarah Palin, the Issues Through Her Prism which examines the issues, Palin and our responses to her candidacy as it affects our political future. Hard copy available 3-5 weeks at and Baker and Taylor.
By Palinspin – the digg styled social news website launches to expose all of the dirt on Sarah Palin. On you find up to the minute news on all the scandals, lies, humor, rumors, incompetence and deceptions of Sarah Palin.
By PREP Profile Systems, Inc.
This feature is designed to offer our readers a deeper insight into the personality styles of the 2008 Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates and “what makes them tick and what motivates them”.
By Mal Sirrah
New York based fashion designer, Mal Sirrah (Malcolm Harris), has released a limited edition parody t-shirt on behalf of the John “McSame“ McCain Campaign.
By Lyn Mettler
It might not look right on a bulldog, but “Power Pink” is the perfect shade of lipstick for Republican vice presidential candidate and hockey mom Sarah Palin,
By Jordan Christopher, Ivy Hollow Media
ABC News continues the pattern of liberal media to distort and trick Sarah Palin when Charles Gibson, in the first one on one Palin interview tried to confuse her on the Bush Doctrine. ABC News clearly did not understand the Doctrine.


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