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By New Street Communications, LLC
From NY TIMES bestselling author Steven Callahan comes CAPSIZED ...
By Systema Survival School
Missouri's first outdoor survival school opens for business in St. Louis and Edgar Springs.
By Survival-Quiz
Walking through moving water is: a) never okay b) okay if it's not quickly moving c) a good time to pick up drinking water d) usually okay if it's less than 6" deep.
Each day Americans buy billions of dollars worth of food, water, and other critical supplies. Our just in time food delivery system is a delicate infrastructure, vulnerable to many different forms of attack.
By MSI Press
This book takes new widows on a journey from the first difficult days of widowhood through 12 months of self-discovery. You will learn how to handle emotional challenges and how to re-enter the world again. Guidelines are provided for each new phase.
By MP Surplus Outdoors, Inc.
With a new website and newly renovated store, MP Surplus is restocked and ready to roll for hunting season!!!
By HomeopathyWorldCommunity
Sept 9, 2013 Joette Calabrese talks about contemporary emotional and controversial political issues of our day. Learning lessons from history, taking sides, taking risks or wanting more security are all questions that run through our minds.
By Sirens Call Publications
A Testament to Love and Romance, while Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in Texas!
By Strategic Book Group
Remarkable Book, "Grey Feathers," Shows the Bravery of a Vietnam Battalion
By Savant Books and Publications
Savant Books and Publications LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii, announces the release of Jonathan Marcantoni's new dramatic novel of Puerto Rican life in America, "Traveler's Rest" in multiple eBook formats
By Crisis 00
Don't kid yourself - you must prepare for disaster today. Take a moment and assess your survival skills.
By New Street Communications, LLC
Rhode Island press to publish revised and expanded edition of maritime classic CAPSIZED.
By C. D. Bonner Publishing
A True Story of Survival, Resilience, & Triumph by Business Owner, Lisa Ditchkoff
By Strategic Book Group
Grey Feathers describes the true events and shows how a brave unit responded and overcome the overwhelming odds against survival.
By Strategic Book Group
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for this "Throwaway Child?"
By Meade Publishing
Author Janet Meade asks, through the hero of her story, “What are you doing to save the world?”
By My Voice Publishing
The Yellowstone Caldera has exploded with terrifying force at least twice. Although the time between the disasters is at least six hundred thousand years, it is a fact that it will happen again. And it is now due...
By Fable Press
Fable Press gorily presents First Light (Horror, Zombie Apocalypse, Speculative Fiction), by Adam Sigrist.   Worldwide plague? Government conspiracy? Bioweapon disaster? Hell set loose? You’re not even close...
It is essential that everyone has an emergency food supply backed with a emergency plan in place in the event of a natural disaster.
By Bellissima Publishing. LLC
Author, Penelope Dyan’s book, “The Last Mustang,’ Bellissima Publishing, LLC, Jamul, California, has been recognized at the 2013 Paris Book Festival with an honorable mention in the young adult category.
Integrated fire starting buckle, fire starting tinder, braided fishing line, and fishing hook, always on your wrist, so you can Live to Talk about it!
By harold Dodgson
June 16, 2012 was not a normal day for Harry Dodgson. Two things happened, his first novel was published , and he turned 80 years of age.
Do you have a survival cache ready for a disaster? If not, read on for some excellent tips to prepare you for any future crisis. Survival food is not the only thing you should be storing up!
By Gabriel's Compassion
To survive domestic violence takes enormous strength to live in the war zone another day. And it takes even more strength to reach out and ask for help. We as a society cannot fail to help these often silent heroes.
By Strategic Book Group
Plague, warfare, and Mother Nature all threaten human survival in the bleak future of "Pale As Hope."
By Beat The End
Beat The End has officially launched its survival gear giveaway. Participants can enter to win items such as survival kits, heirloom seeds, first aid kits and much more.
By Rx Obsession, LLC dba
Are you tired of going round and round looking for the perfect meal to bring along with you during your hike?  Are you looking for a product that has a 20 year shelf life, has delicious taste, and is made in the USA?  Then put down your mouse,..
By Writestyle Publishing
Domestic violence is the leading cause of death in females. It is also the leading cause of injury for women ages 15-44. 31,260 women were murdered by their partner between 1976 through 1996. Shame and fear prevents most women from reporting abuse.
By Danny Wallace Ministries, Inc.
Get Danny's incredible new book, MASKqeurade TODAY @ Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble / Nook. Also available through Subject of upcoming Major Motion PIcture!
By Strategic Book Group
Learn more about an ancient people who have thrived in one of the driest climates in the world, only to find that their biggest enemy has not been climate, but other people.
By Strategic Book Group
This extraordinary nail-biter will leave you breathless until the last page! Whatever did Cheyanne do to deserve "The Wrath of Lucifer’s Deadly Sin?"
By Strategic Book Group
Powerful Novel Tells of a Nomadic Desert Tribe’s Fight for Survival
Told in the form of an adventure tale, Haven's Brave explores real world situations in the safety of a fictional setting. Through the art of story-telling and metaphors, young minds are taught object lessons essential to the healing process.
By Step By Step Prep
Those new to prepping are frequently overwhelmed to the point of paralysis by the volume of preparedness advice online. Step By Step Prep provides prioritized, identifiable, achievable steps to preparedness.
By Strategic Book Group
What will our world look like in 40 years? According to this intriguing novel, the picture is fairly bleak.
By Strategic Book Group
13-Year-Olds Battle to Save Their People in Sci-Fi Adventure, "Battle for the Ball"
Enter your best disaster preparedness or survival idea in a contest for prizes and mention.
By konstantine la
Three of the top selling hatchets were reviewed and a recomendation was made.
By Konstantine La
Konstantine La, author of, talks about how to find a great knife.
Do we still get awarded for our honesty in our business dealings nowadays – or are we better off to make a fast buck by just disregarding ethics, morals and principles - as many people do?
By Strategic Book Group
Profile in Courage: The Astonishing True Story of a Vietnamese Survivor
By Strategic Book Group
Author Stephen L. Padley's Fascinating Novel Envisions What Our Future May Hold
By Strategic Book Group
Uplifting True Story, "A Life Without Edges: My Sixteen Years in the Wilderness," Recounts Recovery After Rape
By Strategic Book Group
The Universality of Racism Is Underscored in Powerful Tale of Love and Tragedy
By Liberty Stage
The Stories, The Danger, The Man! Bear Grylls is down under for an evening of wild discovery and dangerous entertainment as he shares his experiences of survival in some of the world’s toughest environments.
By JL Industries
JL Industries launches, the largest online store for those serious about the pending zombie apocalypse.
Designed to help you learn how to survive a disaster. Quiz your family, friends, and coworkers. Fun for classrooms, meetings, and parties.
As summer drought continues and the Gulf Coast cleaning up the remnants of flood waters, a new website offering ideal and affordable emergency preparation solutions is preparing to launch.
By Strategic Book Group
This true story of a large working-class family from North Dublin pulls no punches, as it details the senior Sheridan’s service with the IRA during the Civil War in 1922-23 and his time in jail.
By Strategic Book Group
True Stories of Survival Will Amaze Readers in "Anything but Plane Sailing"

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