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By Urban Chique
Beauty is Purity offers Hyaluronic Acid – Vitamin C Serum to reduce the problem
By Vitamin Mineral Shop LLC
Vitamin Power has reduced the number of sizes the Rose Hips C Plus tablets product is available in, that reduced offering is reflected at the Vitamin Mineral Shop.
By CelebritySites
Boutique spa and dental center Allure Dental & Spa describes the many benefits of vitamin C to the body as well as the skin, advising a nutritious diet and judicious use of topical products to fully reap its advantages.
By Health Briefs
The stunning cable program Health Briefs TV offers useful information on the benefits of Vitamin C.
By Maus Media Group
Savta Remedies Announces a Healthier, All-Natural Alternative to Name Brand Dietary Supplements, Free of Additives and Calories.
By carries MyBody skincare brand. MyBody Brightamin-C Age Repair Serum is highly recommended to give your skin the radiant glow it wants and needs. Pick up a bottle of MyBody Brightamin-C Vitamin C Age Repair Serum today at!
By offers a full range of MyBody Skincare products. Specifically, MyBody Brightamin-C Vitamin C Age Repair Serum is essential in your skincare regimen to regain and maintain that healthy and radiant glow all year long. Visit
By Pharmco Skincare Labs
UV radiation, smoking, and other environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on your skin. The body protects itself naturally from these reactive oxygen species (ROS) by using antioxidants to neutralize them before they cause damage to skin cells.
By ameerrosic
Without Vitamin C you can die. It is called Scurvy. And today we are living in a world devoid of Vitamin C. But why is this? Why on earth do we have low levels of Vitamin C? Today you are going to find out.
By ReCverin LLC
ReCverin LLC has been granted a U.S. patent covering special Vitamin C solutions for skin care and dietary supplementation.
By ReCverin LLC
New product supplies both naturally-occurring forms of vitamin C.
By Altrient™
Altrient™ has Developed an Innovative Way to Effectively Deliver High Doses of Vitamin C throughout the Body
By Altrient™
Southern Women’s Show Attendees Displayed Great Interest in Improving Health and Diet
By Altrient™
Altrient Spokesperson 2011 CrossFit- 7th Fittest Woman in the World Cheryl Brost Begins Quest to Attain the 2012 Top Position
By Altrient™
Altrient, Inc., has released “Boxer,” the latest in a series of online videos promoting its high-dose and best vitamin C formula, Altrient™ C
By Altrient™
Part of “The Balancing Act” Morning Show on Lifetime Television, the Road Tour is Presented in Conjunction with the multi-state Southern Women’s Show Circuit
By Altrient™
“The Balancing Act” Morning Show on Lifetime Television Kicks off the Road Tour in Savannah, GA on Feb. 17-19 for 10-city tour
By Altrient™
Tango-themed video doesn’t dance around Health as a core value of the company and its consumers
By Altrient™
New video highlights Passion as a key corporate and consumer value
By Altrient™
Health, Passion and Responsibility Values Drive Company Performance and Consumer Choice
By Altrient™
Altrient, Inc, a maker of high-performance nutritional supplements, will join the Balance Your Life Road Tour 2012 presented by Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act.
By Alex Zorach / Merit Exchange LLC
RateTea has conducted original research summarizing the scientific literature on the topic of the vitamin C content of tea, and has concluded that green tea contains small amounts of vitamin C, whereas black tea contains none.
By Clair Lin
China's corn product industry not only faced great challenges but also enjoyed great opportunities in 2011.
By Altrient™
High-Performance Supplement Maker Sponsors Athlete’s 2012 CrossFit Campaign
By Altrient
Altrient™ Brings Liposome Encapsulated Delivery (LED) to Mainstream Consumers
By Wayne McDonald
This comprehensive Vitamin C product by Vitamin Power is now being offered at the Vitamin Mineral Shop LLC.
By Petalyn Swart Albert
“Local stores like CalMart in Calistoga and Transform FX in Concord are now selling our product,” says Reece referring to their award-winning vitamin C product.
By Frost & Sullivan
Increasing Prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases Enhance Consumption of Immune Health Ingredients
By Dr.Victor Marchione
It has been known for many years that vitamin-C levels in the blood and white blood cells rapidly fall during infection and stressful conditions.
By Dr. Victor Marchione
As we grow older, we must pay particular attention to maintaining nutritional health. Here are the final five of my top-10 vital nutrients (6 through 10) and what happens to them through the normal course of the aging process.
By Clair Lin
CCM’s Sugar Alcohol Webinar was held successfully on June 28, 2011, indicating the stable development in China’s sugar alcohol industry.
By Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc.
New Hawaiian Punch Splashers Fruit Snacks Available in Fruit Juicy Red, Berry Blue Typhoon and Lemon Berry Squeeze
By CCM International Limited
CCM, a China-based consulting company wich has rich experiences on sweeteners market research recently announced that it will hold the fist free sugar alcohol webinar on June 28th,2011.
By John Masters Organics
John Masters Organics introduces the Vitamin C Anti-ageing Serum which contains more Vitamin C than over 30 oranges, in its natural amino-acid, polypeptide form.
By CCM International Limited
Corn Products China News,includes import and export analysis of major corn products,price of corn starch,imported DDGS and cassava starch, upcoming regulation on VC and wastewater treatment technology and forecast of corn deep processing industry.
By Brian Walters, MS and Aaron Dunn, MS
Perfect Personal Training, America's most scientific in-home exercise group of personal trainers and exercise physiologists, offer advice on vitamin C intake.
By Natural Skin Care
Mad Hippie Skin Care is proud to announce the release of their new and improved vitamin C serum that works to heal skin damage, reduce wrinkles, increase collagen production and more!
By Raker Goldstein Co.
Aloe Vera is one of the fastest growing alternative treatments for cold and flu strongly competing with Vitamin C and Zinc for the top spot. Nature’s Factory Products Certified Organic Aloe Vera Capsules Deliver Maximum Immune System Fortification
By Darryl Schlicher
Consumers in Australia and New Zealand now have a direct import option for completely natural Vitamin C, Zinc, Black Currant, and Pine Cone Extract Immune Nutrition Supplement.
By PhytoCeuticals, Inc.
PhytoCeuticals, the developer and manufacturer who invented Stable Liquid L-Ascorbic Acid announced the termination of ChainsFar International Corp. distributing PhytoCeuticals / PHYTO-C Skin Care as the breached of distribution agreement.
INDUPRO has launched a new website with dedicated focus on Acerola: The website services not just consumers and producers of acerola with extensive information, but also those that are new to the high vitamin C “super fruit”.
By Liberty Health Network, LLC
Powerful Antioxidants Resveratrol, Quercetin and Grape Seed Extract make Liberty Health Network's new GSE Plus a natural choice over Vitamins C or E. But this Antioxidant shines by what's not in the Supplement.
By Vitivia - a Div of JSJ Pharmaceuticals
Vitivia’s Pro:Vitamin C10 is a powerful topical antioxidant and an effective option for managing the signs of aging. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has previously published clinical evaluations proving the benefits of Vitamin C
By Energetix
Energetix Webucation for Healthcare Professionals – Free Live Webinar Announcement
By Wolfgang Hanau
Wolfgang Haunau is proud to announce his exclusive line of weight loss and nutrition products exclusively featuring the high quality Doctor's A-Z dietary supplements. This line of safe, and beneficial products is designed to promote health naturally.
By Healthy Green Deals
Skin Smoothy launches their new Collagen Renewal and Facial Firming Serum for advanced skincare, available at
By Tatya H.P.
The benefits of antioxidant-rich foods – for inside and out health – cannot be overstressed. That is true even when it comes to obtaining a healthier complexion that glows, as this 518-word article attests.
By PhytoCeuticals, Inc.
PhytoCeuticals, Inc. strongly cautions its customers that some claims being made by IS Clinical about their products improperly uses scientific publications, clinical trials and research that are the exclusive property of PhytoCeuticals, Inc
By Dr. Richard Jensen
Dr. Richard Jensen, a holistic nutritionist, has conducted extensive research on vitamin C and concluded that controlling high levels of cholesterol is among its many positive effects on the body.
By Naturally Nova Scotia Health Products Ltd.
Canada’s leading manufacturer of certified organic supplements is proudly unique amongst natural health product producers. Instead of using synthetic vitamins, Naturally Nova Scotia creates products from nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


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