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Youngwood Latest News (Pennsylvania, United States)

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401 views, By QED Radiations
Cosmic dust in measurements of anomalous microwave emission and Hubble redshift both suggest the Universe is not expanding
605 views, By QED Radiations
DNA damage by UV radiation induced by QED from melanin granules suggests cancer risk may be worse than by chance from random mutations over a human lifetime of normal stem cell divisions
588 views, By QED Radiations
The QED enhanced yield strength of metal Covetics found by adding carbon particles to the melt during thermal processing depends on the particle size
250 views, By QED Radiations
IR spectra showing carbon dioxide and methane taken as proof of the discovery of exoplanets orbiting distant stars is questionable as the spectra actually depict the redshift of UV radiation absorbed in the dust of debris haloes.
547 views, By QED Radiations
QED induced UV- C radiation from the Ebowla - a hand-held nano-coated bowl - that provides inexpensive sterilization of drinking water from body heat in areas of the world lacking sources of electricity also disinfects the Ebola virus
477 views, By QED Radiations
The remarkable conversion of natural gas to ethylene thought catalyzed by the nanoconfinement of single iron sites in a silica matrix is superseded by QED radiation in a flow reactor from a nanoscale iron coating on a heated silica substrate
355 views, By QED Radiations
Temperature measurements inside living cells based on electron-spin induced by thermal strains at nitrogen-vacancies in nanodiamonds are required by quantum mechanics to only occur upon discrete changes in surface temperature
753 views, By QED Radiations
QED induced UV radiation from hand-held nano-coated drinking bowls offers an inexpensive method of purifying drinking water in the developing world unable to afford rhe cost of conventional water treatment
389 views, By QED Radiations
The uncertainty principle explains the long-lifetimes of laser excited biomolecules in jet expansions by narrow absorption peaks as non-radiative losses of |increases in temperature are avoided by vanishing heat capacity
543 views, By QED Radiaitons
The current world record solar cell conversion of heat to electricity at 44.7 % efficiency is superseded by 100 % efficiency by QED in thin metallic films
650 views, By QED Radiations
Class action litigation is described that requires manufacturers of sunscreens to alert consumers by labeling that states their product contains nanoparticles that cause DNA damage and may lead to skin cancer
565 views, By QED Radiations
Expensive EUV lithography using high power laser produced plasmas is superseded by low cost QED induced non-thermal EUV light sources operating at ambient temperature.
593 views, By QED Radiations
Self-ionization of the water molecule as the extremely unlikely source of H ions in the pH of water is superseded by the dissociation of water by the QED induced UV radiation produced in nanobubbles
424 views, By QED Radiations
The significant enhancement of mechanical properties in polymeric nanocomposites by nanoparticles is explained by cross-linking of the polymer in the interphase by the QED induced EUV emission from the nanoparticles
845 views, By QED Radiations
Vanishing fluid viscosity induced by QED in nanochannels as the explanation of flow enhancement over Hagen-Poiseuille theory allows the frictionless Bernoulli equation to be a reasonably accurate measure of flow at the naonscale
603 views, By QED Radiations
Explanations of the surprisingly high flow observed in nanochannels by fluid slip at the channel walls are superseded by QED induced ionization of fluid molecules to produce frictionless flow as atoms undergo Coulomb repulsion.
918 views, By QED Radiations
The long-standing finding of unfolded proteins having greater heat capacity than when folded may be safely dismissed as quantum mechanics requires the atom to have a vanishing heat capacity let alone one dependent on conformation
485 views, By QED Radiations
Electrical current drives a solid nanocrystal through a constriction not by melting or deformation but as the atoms are separated from each other by the Coulomb charge repulsion induced by QED ionization
440 views, By QED Radiations
Claims that a thermal platform allows nanoscale samples to be tested at extreme temperatures of 4000 K may be safely dismissed as quantum mechanics precludes the atom from conserving heat by an increase in temperature.
768 views, By QED Radiations
The simplified method in computational chemistry awarded in the 2013 Nobel in Chemistry is valid only if the QED radiation required by quantum mechanics is included in the molecular dynamics simulation
901 views, By QED Radiations
Classical physics by requiring nanobubbles to dissolve instantly is superseded by quantum mechanics that stabilizes surface tension by electrostatic repulsion from hydroxyl ions created from the QED induced dissociation of water molecules
643 views, By QED Radiations
The Universe that began with the Big Bang and has been expanding ever since is now being questioned by a Universe without expansion where the redshift measured by Hubble is caused by the mass of the Universe increasing in time.
747 views, By QED Radiations
The beneficial QED radiation cooling of electronics by applying nanoscale coatings of zinc oxide to circuit elements is not new having been mistaken for a half-century in thin films as a reduction in thermal conductivity
1587 views, By QED Radiations
Claims based on classical physics that Joule heat in graphene monolayer Field-effect transistors produces temperatures in excess of 1000 K are refuted by quantum mechanics.
1091 views, By QED Radiations
Only blackbody radiation heat carriers moving at the speed of light – not phonons and electrons - are consistent with the Fourier law that implicitly requires thermal disturbances to travel at infinite velocity
1001 views, By QED Radiations
Spin-valve storage of data in magnetic heads by the change in resistance from the alignment of electron spins is superseded by the dramatic superconductivity from charge carriers created by the conservation of Joule heat by QED
1380 views, By QED Radiations
Current-induced switching in spin-valves by transfer of electron spin angular momentum is superseded by dramatic changes in photoconductivity by the photoelectric effect brought about by the QED induced conversion of Joule heat to EUV radiation
962 views, By QED Radiations
Molecular Dynamics simulations of heat transfer based in Statistical Mechanics that assume the atoms in nanostructures have heat capacity are invalidated by Quantum Corrections that require the heat capacity to vanish at the nanoscale
969 views, By QED Radiations
Quantum mechanics by requiring the heat capacity of the atom to vanish at the nanoscale precludes verification of the Wiedemann-Franz law in nanowires by Fourier derivations of thermal conductivity
1047 views, By QED Radiations
Molecular dynamics simulations show the stiffening of nanowires in tensile tests is caused by hydrostatic tension produced by the repulsion of atoms from charges created by the QED induced photoelectric effect
1091 views, By QED Radiation
The stiffening of nanowires is a quantum mechanical effect creating photons that by the photoelectric effect charge the wire, the charge repulsion producing an internal pressure that enhances the Young’s modulus measured in the tensile test
1095 views, By QED Radiations
The unphysical explanations of heat transfer at the nanoscale by classical physics is avoided by quantum mechanics
710 views, By QED Radiations
At Nano 2012 held at the Birmingham ICC, heat transfer in nanoelectronics by quantum mechanics was contrasted with classical physics in discussions of memristors, the Ovshinsky Effect, 1/f noise, the Landauer limit, and heat dissipation in circuits
1052 views, By QED Radiations
QED converts the stored energy of non-propagating evanescent waves to photons that propagate through double prisms to the outside world thereby supporting Winful’s argument that superluminal velocities do not occur in the Hartman effect
843 views, By QED Radiations
Natural self-assembly of proteins thought to occur by weak intermolecular van der Waals attraction is superseded by strong attraction from the polarizabilty of the protein in the UV radiation field produced by the proteins themselves
1248 views, By QED Radiations
Claims of enhanced radiative heat transfer across nanoscale gaps by evanescent waves are reviewed based on the validity of the fluctuation dissipation theorem in Maxwell’s equations and whether atom temperatures in gap surfaces may be measured
1229 views, By QED Radiations
Skeptics of Global Warming misinterpret the Second law of Thermodynamics by not considering the CO2 molecule may radiate energy to the Earth by vibration instead of from the colder atmosphere to the warmer Earth
1018 views, By QED Radiations
The astronomical observation of extended red emission explained by photoluminescence and black body radiation from UV excited submicron cosmic dust particles is superseded by QED induced redshift based on quantum mechanics
1393 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Maxwell’s mixing rules refute the notion that nanofluids comprising nanoparticles in common solvents enhance heat transfer by increasing thermal conductivity
2637 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
The Second law of Thermodynamics is not violated in global warming as solar radiation after being absorbed by the Earth is re-radiated and absorbed by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere only to undergo backradiation that further warms the Earth
1974 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Reports of unphysical results in heat transfer at the ASME 3rd Micro/Nanoscale Conference held in Atlanta may be traced back to classical physics that allows the atom to have heat capacity at the nanoscale
1866 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Immunogenicity of therapeutic drugs by protein aggregates that form by intermolecular disulfide bonds and which are promptly rejected by the immune system is caused by UV radiation created inside the aggregates by quantum mechanics
1732 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Quantum mechanics that requires the conservation of Joule heat by the creation of charge instead of an increase in temperature produces 1/f noise by a train of step changes in power similar to a Markov chain in a stochastic stationary process
1256 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Molecular dynamics simulations of heat transfer in bulk materials consistent with statistical mechanics and valid under periodic boundary conditions are invalid by quantum mechanics for discrete nanostructures lacking periodic boundaries
1625 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Extremely low voltage signals of Johnson-Nyquist noise from ambient temperature fluctuations of atoms in surfaces of nanoscale gaps suggest solutions of Maxwell’s equations in near-field heat transfer may not be valid
684 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Maxwell’s equations in near-field heat transfer for the tunneling of evanescent waves through nanoscale gaps are invalid as temperature fluctuations of surface atoms required by the fluctuation-dissipation theorem are negated by quantum mechanics
1057 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Maxwell’s equations in near-field heat transfer for the tunneling of evanescent waves through nanoscale gaps are invalid as temperature fluctuations of surface atoms required by the fluctuation-dissipation theorem are negated by quantum mechanics
1454 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Quantum Mechanics invalidates Molecular Dynamics Heat Transfer of Discrete Nanostructures in Tribochemistry
1371 views, By Thomas Pevenslik
The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics based on calculations using the redshift from Supernovae that showed the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate was a mistake because the redshift was caused by absorption in cosmic dust
2359 views, By Thomas Prevenslik
Quantum mechanics requires nano-thermometers to be in contact with the cell to obtain valid measurements of temperature


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